Google Wants Me And I Want Them Back!

There are many fun and rewarding things that came my way during the years I’ve been blogging – but nothing surpasses the excitement I’ve felt when I received an email from Google (yes – Google - the world’s largest search engine company itself). I would've posted the email wordings in here but I was asked not to because it goes against their email policy. But basically I was invited to join and be part of a panel for a Mom-focused event on Tech Savvy Moms called "Mothers Know Tech". Marketing and Consumer Packaged Goods Execs from different big companies will all be in attendance to learn more about how we as Mothers live a digital life.

Being the cynical person that I can be at times, I of course assumed that it was a spam or some big joke. I mean after all, why me??? But after calling the number directly and checking and started googling on Denise Chudy and Jennifer Bradburn that I spoke with and contacted me and that is when I realized it was definitely not a joke. There will good stuff for us (which I'm not able to freely dispose), fun Google giveaways (also a picture I initially posted but was asked to take down) as well as free parking (badly needed in downtown Chicago) and free food – who wouldn’t want that? I honestly didn’t even care about all that freebies (yeah right?)…I just jumped the opportunity to be away from my kids a little bit and see what all this promised excitement is all about. Basically if you give me free food that I can enjoy without having to have one arm for the baby and the other arm semi-free to help me gulp down my food quickly before the baby starts to fuss –then I’m there! hehe...

Well the event was yesterday and I still can’t stop oogling over it. It was definitely fun and eye opening. I sat down with 5 other Moms in the panel that turned out to be the nicest people and 3 of which are also awesome bloggers:

- Sara from Self Made Mom who live blogged about the event and has the most detailed info in her blog about it

- Amy from Hailey Bug Picnic who unfortunately got a little sick but managed to do the Q&A part

- and Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing whom I got to ask what babywearing and attachment parenting is all about.

Together with 2 non-blogger moms Jessica and Madeline, we sat in front facing +100 other company marketing execs like Procter & gamble, General Mills, etc. answering questions on how technologies impacted our daily lives as Mothers and also the role we play in it as bloggers and consumers. I’m not sure I remember many of the questions – but all I remember is that I had to tackle on the question in how the internet helped me with preparing for a newborn, and I think I went on and had a verbal diarrhea on breastfeeding and I may have made a big dufus out of myself…but oh well. I think I'm still allowed to use that "I just had a baby", and sleep deprivation as my escape goat for giving out dumb incoherent answers.

Anyhow, the food was great, the people were awesome, and the cocktails were plenty. I wish I had a martini or two but I’m still breastfeeding so I can’t! Not fair! See I told you I couldn’t stay away from the breastfeeding topic…uurgh. Anyway, to top it all off – a couple of Google people had came up to me and mentioned that they have read my blog and find it enjoyable, and Jennifer from Google said that someone else in Google mentioned that they have always read my blog. I think they are either lying or out of their mind, but I was more than flattered – and now completely intimidated and more pressured to become a better and more consistent blogger.

I will be posting more pics here on the event as soon as I beg someone to send me some pics. In the meantime check out the event infos here and learn what Digital Life Quotient is and check to see your own DLQ score. I think Jennifer said that they will be adding pictures in there as well.

Oh and thank you Jennifer and Denise for making it so fun being at Google - the giveaways are really fun and much appreciated and also thanks to Amy for all the pictures!


Anonymous said…
it was so great to meet you! i had a lot of fun yesterday...except for the sick part. haha! at least i can laugh about it now, right? =)

thanks for dinner...hailey and i will definitely make a trip into the city to see you soon!
Anonymous said…
that is so cool that you were selected to be on their panel.

I love that pink and black bag, lucky, lucky you!
Anonymous said…
Ooo what fun!! Blogging definitely has it perks! The Google Gear is totally neat!
I think your responses were just what they wanted- REAL MOM responses. I love that you talked about breastfeeding and lack of sleep. I can so relate! I hope we can do this again!

Hi! Just found your blog through Stephanie's. Anyone who spends their time on a Google panel talking about breastfeeding is a friend of mine! Glad that you all had such a great time.

- Tanya, Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog (and also Asian American/happa!)
Anonymous said…
You were not a dufus- I still can't believe you were so coherent having an 8-week old! You rock!
Anonymous said…
What a lucky Mommy you are. That goody bag is to die for. What a great experience for you!
Angel said…
Congrats! That is so cool! And free stuff from Google? Heck ya, you better go!

so will we see you on the Today Show or on Oprah talking about breastfeeding and how to eat with one hand? ;)
Michelle said…
Found you via MKT and Adventures in Babywearing. Like your blog! :o)
Anonymous said…
Wow! Congrats! Google is big time, and the fact that they found you in a sea of bloggers should be huge kudos!

BlondeBlogger said…
Congratulations, MJ! That sounds like so much fun (especially the free goodies!) Wish I could've been there!
Sugarmama said…
I would've gone out of sheer flattery at being asked, free food or not! Who doesn't like to be asked her expert opinion, after all?
Robin said…
COOL...and Congratulations!
bokumbop said…
Even though this would totally out me to my professional peers, I would have LOVED to have participated in this!! How fantastic that mom bloggers are getting this attention.