Duh?! Moo....

My equilibrium is off since milk has completely turned my brain into mush. Nope it is not the lack of sleep since I get quite enough. It just seems like the more kids I have, my intelligence level is slowly downgrading. Now this explains why I am such a terrible blogger lately, because truly - the only thing I can actually produce quite well lately is breastmilk.

Tracking back with my past postings, I can at least say that I had better topics and I just want to get back into the groove again. Well how do I do that? God knows I have so many materials here at home that I can write about – but to be honest, I’m quite tired of writing about my kids and baby lately. So in the light of looking for my blogger self once again, I thought I’d link you guys to the better postings I’ve done in the past. Hopefully, this will serve as an inspiration to get my brain juices as well.

Famous Friend - Meeting up again with my personal friend Sarah Jessica Parker

It’s Water Goddess To You - Overexcitement with my new found job

Mommy Couture - The before and after lifestyle of a once upon a time accidental fashionista

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Angel said…
Oh you are SOOOO bad!!! I'm reading and thinking, "OMG! She's friends with SJP!!! AHHHHHHH!"
you naughty girl, you!
Anonymous said…
I remember the SJP post and love it! I'm having a hard time getting back into the blogging thing too. I've got lots to write, but can't seem to form a coherent sentence.
Good luck!
Anonymous said…
You will find your groove again!
I find myself posting only about the kids but I am keeping family in the loop too, so I am forgiving myself ... for now :P
MJ Tam said…
beth I wish it was for real...hehe...gotcha!

jenn In time, we shall both get the groove back.

chelle You are completely absolved! Your blog would not be the same without the pictures and stories about your kiddos!
BlondeBlogger said…
You totally got me when you wrote that SJP post, too!

And, hey, if you had to be good at something, it's better to be good at producing breast milk (something I was never good at) than at thinking up blog posts!
Anonymous said…
I'm sure you'll get back into the groove soon. Afterall, you just had a baby!

Hope all is going well!
Robin said…
Your blogger self is just vacationing with your muse.