I remember this comedian saying how funny it is that when we were younger we tend to brag about how little of sleep we get from being out all night, and now that we are older, we brag about how much sleep we get. And so let me brag to you about how I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed everyday when I wake up after 9 hours of sleep every night! Yes 9… that is how much sleep I’ve been getting even with a newborn. How so? Well then let me brag to you about my wonderful husband. My husband has been staying up all night to take care of our new daughter --- and took off 3 weeks from work to do this. How awesome is that? And yes, he did this with our boys as well. I can’t even imagine how I would’ve ever managed without him. He is just the best husband ever!

And since this posting is all about bragging – I want to show off this new uggs bootie that Chelle from Crazy Thoughts made for my daughter. I received it in the mail the other day and I was soooo happy! Thank you so much Chelle! It was so adorable. The funny thing is it actually matches the fleece vest/dress I just finished making for her. Check out the complete outfit for yourself. My daughter is stylin’ at a young age of 3 weeks don’t you think?

Oh, did I mention that my daughter is such a calm and good baby?! She is truly Godsent! Believe it or not, she has slept between 5-7 hours at night. And is quite the voracious eater especially during the day.

Ok enough about bragging…I am working on posting the vibe winner. It won’t be long now. I am just trying to get some normalcy in the homefront.


That is a super stylish outfit! I love that shade of green...and with chocolate brown? I envy her;>
Anonymous said…
awww wow they will totally look awesome together with that outfit!

YAY for great husbands!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations again on your beautiful daughter! You'll find that baby girls are a lot easier than baby boys. It's when they start to get older that all the drama comes into play! LOL!
Angel said…
such a show off you are!!! ;) I don't get thatmuch sleep NOW and my baby is 12!!! You're very blessed on the husband front...mine NEVER got up with any of our kids....still doesn't, if they're sick... Jerk.

That outfit is too cute!
Neurotic Mom said…
wow it's great you are getting sleep and feeling great
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad that you're getting so much sleep, you're going to need it when he goes back to work!

I love the outfit, so adorable with both together. *sigh* they seem so small, I can hardly remember when my Katy fit into little things like that.

The dress is adorable, you're so talented!
Anonymous said…
You deserve the sleep, after carrying your baby in your tummy for 9 months.

I love to say that I, too, sacrifice by staying up all night taking care of my 1-year (the way I did with my 3-year old). But I'm insomniac. Does that count?