Warm In Chicago

Actually it is 8F degrees here in Chicago and the bitter arctic air brings it to a negative wind chill. And even worse - this weekend is supposedly around -30F degrees in wind chill, and will also continue until next week. But I'm still feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. That's because I am so gratefully appreciative to all my blogger friends that had nice comments to say about my decision in closing a thriving business. And even more so, to those who had helped out in linking my blog from theirs so I can make this business closing as easy as possible. It really feels great to be loved! Thank you, Thank you !!! Thank You to those that left sweet comments, Thank You to those that ordered, and Thank You to all those that linked (so I'm linking you guys here today). You guys rock!

My dear friend Jenn @ Blog.RestOfYourDay.com
Dino aka Katy @ Dino0477.blogspot.com

And the last but definitely not the least - are these 2 husband and wife bloggers that went out of their way to get the word out. Neurotic Mom decided to not rent out her blog for an entire week just so she can pimp me out again and her husband Break in the Sanity for putting in all the kind words in his blog as well. Thank you both!
The free vibe offer is over - Sorry! But the 50% sale is still on! Just scroll 2 postings down to read more 0r CLICK HERE.

Also please go and visit my newest blog renter CAT of Living with Multiple Personalities. Actually she also rents from Local Girl ( another one of my most favorite blogger around - visit this awesome flight attendant mom too!) and her intro on Cat is just so right on and so here I am quoting Local Girl's intro on Cat.
"She’s a legend over at Blog Explosion and a fierce competitor at the Battle of the Blogs. She’s also the brains behind Click & Comment Monday which strives to increase readership for our weekly renters. Talk about a genius!"
-- So click on my newest renter found in the right column and show her some sugar!


I'm so happy to have found out about your sale and was happy to help pimp it out (and free vibe, too? what more could I ask for?);> Hope it helps get you back to your family sooner than later.
Anonymous said…
I am glad the sales are all going well (sorry I could not help both J's and my Grandmother come to the blog and really I cannot imagine how they would react me pimping sex toys and tasteful nighties! hehehe)

Stay warm ... wait your pregnant you must be roasting in all the heated rooms!!!
MJ Tam said…
Celebrate Woo-Woo All this kind words are a big help in itself. And I mean even more so emotionally. Thanks.
MJ Tam said…
chelle - Your sweet words from the beggining when I announced about my company closing was a big help emotionally. For that I am thankful as well.

No problem SugarMomma, I am a 1st class pimper, just as my tenants.


My blog title is Taking a Sanity Break

and the link is incorrect you have posted: http://wantsugar.blogspot.com/BreakInSanity.blogspot.com

Should be:

Let me know if there is anything more I can do.

I will continue to pimp this out for a while and hopefully can help generate some interest.


The secret is out, my wife is Neurotic and I am her Sanity. [winks]
MJ Tam said…
Break from Sanity oops sorry - mah bad! It has now been corrected. So sorry.

Anyway - you have done so much! Again thanks!
Angel said…
hey Sugarmama...I love the fat that you were selling sex toys! I would love to do that! And I love your blog, you're...."real"...and I like that.
Flavia Flanders said…
that's cold. here in argentina is really really hot, i cannot stand the heat.
see ya!
MJ Tam said…
beth aww thanks!

I must say that I will miss selling sex toys one day. It has been such a riot to be surrounded with laughing women all the time.
BlondeBlogger said…
I still have the vibe I won in your other contest and I think of you whenever I use it (wait....that doesn't sound right, lol). You know what I mean! :)
Kailani said…
Thanks for the shout! I'm glad you're inventory is selling well!

An Island Life
MJ Tam said…
MOLLY GRAY Argentina! Wow -what I would've given to run away to some warm weather.

ablondeblogger Dawn, that is just so wrong! ROTFLMAO! But I guess I get that effect on many that received free happiness from sugarmama...lol

Local Girl Thanks for being ok with me copying your words Kailani! I was a little worried about that. --- The negative 30 windchill here in Chicago wants me to run to Hawaii and enjoy some tropical sun and breeze while listening to Iz. --- ok back to reality ---- bbbbbbbrrrrrrr!
Anonymous said…
I love your blog design! It's very cool! Thank you for renting my blog! :)
Mama Grouch said…
I hope you stayed in and stayed warm this weekend like we did, not often that Chicago gets it as bad as Minneapolis!