Just For A Little Bit Longer

Brrrrrrrr…it is definitely cold out there! The bone chilling –30 arctic wind chills for the 4th day in a row calls out for a complete hibernation. And with the whole city of Chicago in mourning after the Bear’s loss - it got even more unbearable. That’s the part that sucks the most when your own city is in the loser side because you get to witness a citywide self-pity. I am not even a Bears fan, but it is so easy to get sucked in to the whole “party mood” and even expect and look forward to the people doing their victory dances around you. My poor boys’ hopes in getting their class parties donned with Bears Superbowl victories will now be non-existent.

Actually, all that doesn't really matter right now. My 6 year old couldn’t care less if the Bears lose or not, or whether the rest of the city freezes – that’s because he came down with a flu. Poor Baby! His 104 temps kept him tucked in bed while my husband and I worried about him and as well as making sure that the rest of us does not catch it. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that my 3 year old will manage not to catch it.

Since last week I've been praying to hopefully finally go into labor. But now I’m thankful that she’s still inside being kept comfortable and healthy. I am quite afraid of bringing her out in the world when it is this frigidly cold and with all the viruses wafting in the air inside our home right now. But I suppose there isn’t much we can do if in case she decides to finally bust out. So either way, we would have to be prepared.

Well baby preparation started since we found out that we are expecting our third child. We are as ready as we can be at this point in time. Pregnancy also always gave me an inspiration to create something new for the baby with my own hands. With my first child, I got really crafty and made my own fabric photo albums, and even extended and honed my creative talents in using my computer for designing invitations, notecards, etc. It eventually lead to many other things like making my sister-in-law’s wedding stuff like I did here as well as many of my friends and family event needs.

With my second child, I got more intense with learning more computer stuff and even learned some basic html and learned many other applications on my own. It's really not a lot, but enough to get me through basic stuff. At the same time, I got inspired to make many other things with fabric for the baby that lead me to do stuff like I did here.

Now with this pregnancy, I decided to go further and tried to make real baby clothings. As soon as we found out that the little bean is a girl, I was given a wider variety of designs in my head. I even made my own baby clothing patterns and happily slaved away with the sewing machine my sister-in-law bought me years ago. I made pajama sets, dresses, and even beddings. I got busy and I had so much fun. Check out the 2 kimono style items I made for her. I can't say that the quality is there and how much wear will it take, but overall I liked how it turned out visually.

This one is made out of fleece and so I know she will definitely be warm in it. I was afraid that the ribbon I had sewn by hand was not going to stay after being laundered, but it actually survived it.

This next one is sewn with a flannel material (love the print on this one!). I added the blue ribbon to enhance -- err I mean actually cover up the amateur sewing stitches and it worked like a charm...hehe!If she succesfully wear it even just for the sake of home photo shoots without tearing it up, then that was worth all the hard work for me. Now I can atleast cross it out on my "want to try to learn how to do" list.

Btw - 3 more bloggers that has posted my SALE link has not come forward for their free vibe. I tried emailing you, but I haven't received your addresses.

Also - the rest were mailed out today, you should all get them by the end of the week.

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I will be posting more freebies for the next few weeks...so stay tuned :-)


BlondeBlogger said…
Oh my gosh, MJ, those are adorable!!!! You should start making and selling them in your "spare" time.
Anonymous said…
Those outfits are amazing! You are so totally crafty! I was excited to knit a blanket!

Eeps on the flu, hope you and the baby stay warm and flu free!! Your antibodies will keep the baby safe, especially if you breastfeed!
MJ Tam said…
ablondeblogger Dawn, lol...You will probably not say that if you see it in person. But thanks. I need to learn how to professionally sew before I would feel comfortable in selling them.

chelle Aww thanks. I think knitting is sooo much harder, and I would love to learn how to one day.

I am planning on breastfeeding, but I can't imagine the baby feeling all safe around the boys being sick.
Renee Nefe said…
I've found that making a "French seam" hides so much when it comes to goofs. It also makes DD actually wear my creations.
Those are very cute. I wish I had learned to sew sooner so I could have had fun doing baby clothes. Instead I now get to do doll clothes. Oh and possibly a Flower Girl dress... need to think about fabric for an easter dress too.
MJ Tam said…
renee I gotta look up what a French Seam is. I really don't know much, I basically learned to run a sewing machine and thats about it. I think I have the design thing in my head and I basically wing it.
Angel said…
those outfits are adorable!!! I esp. love the second one...she will be stylin in that!

I love to sew too...but I mostly make doll clothes, cuz the dolls don't complain as much about the fit.
Elleoz said…
Hang in there girl! Not too much longer. Those clothes are adorable! I own 2 sewing machines, but I haven't a clue as to how to make clothes. I really need to learn huh?

Oh, I meant to say earlier that I posted about your sale on my site when I introduced you as my renter. Does that count? I want a freevibe ;) Let me know.
MJ Tam said…
beth aww thanks! I have a feeling that these stuff I made will eventually end up as doll clothes because I don't think it will hold up all that well. hehe

elleoz Thnx!

And about the vibe - Yes Ma'am! Pls. email me your address so I can send it to you.
Anonymous said…
Those clothes are so cute! I really wish I could sew. My big sewing accomplishment was crochetting stuffed animals for my little cousins... One of them was a lamb that ended up with a pointy butt that looked a little like a stinger!
BTW, I love that pregnant Barbie picture! Thats the weirdest thing I've ever seen!
Keep up the good work!

- Angel
Anonymous said…
The bears are my favorite team, so I can only image how sad the whole city is.

I'm sorry that your boy is sick and I truly hope the rest of you don't get it.

You're getting so close now, I can't believe it's been nine months. That makes me feel old in blogging years!

The clothes are so adorable, you did a great job! I can barely handle doing a hem around the blankets I make, let alone actually make clothes. Can't wait to see them on your little Katie!

BTW - girls, get your addresses in, the vibe is awesome! Thanks again for sending me one!
Btw - 3 more bloggers that has posted my SALE link has not come forward for their free vibe. I tried emailing you, but I haven't received your addresses.

Don't need a silver bullet...though those dang things are STRONG from what I have seen, though your creams and lotions are a nice thought.......[winks]

By the way, how is it going? I am adding mention (pimping) about every other day.

I plan to try and keep this going till your about done..[chuckles]
MJ Tam said…
Angel Glad to see you here. Thanks for stopping by.

I can't believe it's been nine months. That makes me feel old in blogging years! lol...that's funny!

Glad you received the happy package! hehe

Break from Sanity
You are by far the best pimp a girl can have! lol... I get the hint about lotions...I will definitely see what else I can do for you and the Mrs. lol
Anonymous said…
oh lordy - i LOVE the clothing. i'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the little babelet in them!!! you are so very talented!
(thanks for the comments at my blog...and SO sorry about your bears. we were totally pulling for them!)
MJ Tam said…
liz aww thnx - I will definitely post pics of the baby with the outfits. :-)
Slackermommy said…
Wow! You are very talented. Do you sell your stuff or is it a hobby? My sis has a boutique and she's always looking for cute stuff like that.
MJ Tam said…
slackermommy Thanks for the nice compliment. These are actually my very first pieces and it is definitely just a hobby. I'm curious about your sister's boutique. Does she have a website? I mean not for me to sell stuff to - but to actually shop. Ilove baby boutiques - I think their selections are so much better than regular dept. or specialty stores.
Unknown said…
I think they are great! You did an excellent job, and you will be surprised at how long they last. I made a baby blanket, embroidered when I was 17. My fourth child is now using it and it's her favorite. Heck, I just guessed at how to do it and that sucker is 25 years old!