High Ho, High Ho, So Off To Work I Go...

Labor is work you know! ---- Hallelujah! Finally!

I've gone through this 2x already, so I'm not panicking at all. Actually I'm waiting for my husband to get ready so we can hop on all along.

I had prepared this contest and thought it would be fun to do one here while I'm gone. And of course it'll be something to entertain myself with when i get back from the hospital. Not just the normal when, how long, and how heavy the baby (well those too, but here are more questions - so go ahead and leave answers in the comments: The one with the most correct answers wins, and if there is a tie...then I'm judging by bribe... hehe...I mean wittiness, silliness, or whatever else than can make my first few days back home a little on the lighter side by making me laugh.

- Vaginal or Caesarian ?
- Epidural or Natural?
- Girl or Boy? (this should be a given)
- Length of Labor?
- Male or Female Doctor?
- Will the baby be in-room or at the nursery at night?
- Will husband cut the cord?
- Does baby have hair?
- Time baby is born
- Date baby is born
- Baby's Length
- Baby's Weight

The prize:
oooooooh.........what else A VIBE !!! I am still up to my neck with inventory- and this is just another fun way for me to get rid of it... hehe

A Rabbit Vibe with rotating beads! The famous Sex And The City vibrator. All yours by taking the time to play my dull game so I can indulge myself reading when I get back from the hospital.

Also - click here so you can read more about it and hopefully entice to play my game.

Here are some facts that may help you with your answers:

-Actual due date for this pregnancy is Feb. 14th.

-I have had 2 boys now 6 and 3 years old.

- My 1st born was delivered vaginally, and my 2nd one was C-section because of cord-prolapse. However my doctor did say that there are no reasons whatsoever for us to try vaginally again. Unless anything else happens.

- 1st born, 3 hours labor - 2nd one - none because it was an emergency C-section.

- 1st born, was a male doctor that delivered my baby, and the second one was a female.

- 1st born, was in-room the whole time, the 2nd one was all at the nursery because I was drugged out with pre-eclampsia IV even after I delivered the baby.

- 1st born, hubby was too afraid to cut the cord, 2nd one he wasn't given a choice because of the emergency C-section.

-1st one born at 6 am, 2nd one at 8pm.

-1st one was longer than my second one. I forgot what it was, but somewhere around 21 inches on my first one.

- 1st one was 7 lbs. 12 oz. delivered at exactly 40 weeks, and the second one at 6 lbs. 3 oz. delivered at 37 weeks.

Hope that helps and Good Luck everyone!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Sorry, but I will only send out products within Continental US, and Hawaii. Also you must be over 18 years old to win and order the products. I carefully check your blog and if I am not 100% convinced that you are over 18 then I will not send out your vibe or orders.

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Angel said…
oh God, the pressure!!!

I don't know if I can remember all the questions but here goes:

vaginal delivery
husband will cute the cord then eat the placenta

baby will have lots of hair
7.lbs.10 ozs.
20 in. long
she'll be born at 6.23pm, on Feb 17, 2007

I think you'll keep her in the room with you

your dr. is a man who can't keep his hands out of your cooter

you will go home wearing your skinny jeans and look fantastic!!!! then I will slap you silly, cuz I'm STILL not in my skinny jeans and my baby is 12!

good luck and many blessings sugar mama! I hope all goes well and you enjoy your new little Angel. :)
Anonymous said…
- Vaginal
- Epidural
- Girl
- 3 hours
- Male Doctor
- baby be in-room
- husband will cut the cord
- Gorgeous Hair
- 1:23 pm
- February 17, 2007 (the year of the golden pig!)
- 20 in
- 7 lbs

Sending positive labour vibes and hope all is well!!!!
Kim said…
Length of Labor 4 hour 23 mins
Female Doctor
baby wil be in-room at night husband cuts the cord
baby has hair
Time baby is born 5:27pm
baby is born Feb 28
Baby's Length 19 1/2 inch
Baby's Weight 8lbs 4oz

Neurotic Mom said…
- Vaginal or Caesarian ? vaginal
- Epidural or Natural? epidural
- Girl or Boy? girl
- Length of Labor? 9hrs
- Male or Female Doctor? male
- Will the baby be in-room or at the nursery at night? in the room
- Will husband cut the cord? yes
- Does baby have hair? yes
- Time baby is born 11pm
- Date baby is born 17th
- Baby's Length 20 1/2 in
- Baby's Weight 8lbs 11oz
Mama Grouch said…
Good luck Sugar!

- Vaginal
- Epidural
- Girl
- 2.5 hour labor (I hope!)
- Female Doctor
- in-room
- husband cuts the cord
- baby has hair
- 10pm
- 2/17/07
- 21 inches
- 8 lbs
BlondeBlogger said…
I was thinking about you while I was away from the net this week wondering if you had had the baby. I'm glad I didn't miss anything!

Okay, here are my guesses:

5 hours
Nursery (like most mom's who are having their third child! We're smarter about getting sleep when we can!)
Husband WON'T cut the cord
Baby will be (was) born at 7 p.m. on February 17.
Length: 20 1/2 inches
Weight:8 lbs. 4 ozs.

I had preeclampsia with Matthew. Couldn't put my shoes on to go home and could barely fit into my socks. The swollen feet went well with my five chins, lol. Love the water retention!

Good luck, MJ! Can't wait to hear how it went!

Slackermommy said…
4 hours
male doc
He will cut cord
lots of dark hair
Feb 18
21 in
8lbs 6oz

I got my products and let me say that me likey the Nympho's Desire!
- Vaginal or Caesarian ? Vaginal
- Epidural or Natural? Epidural
- Girl or Boy? Boy
- Length of Labor? 6 Hrs
- Male or Female Doctor? Male
- Will the baby be in-room or at the nursery at night? In the Room
- Will husband cut the cord? Yes (finally - heh)
- Does baby have hair? Yes
- Time baby is born 2 am
- Date baby is born 18th
- Baby's Length 19 1/2 in
- Baby's Weight 6 lbs 8oz
Elleoz said…
I am going to go against the norm so that maybe I stand a chance :)

- Caesarian
- Epidural
- Boy
- Length of Labor: 5.5 hours
- Male Doctor
- baby in-room
- husband will cut the cord (About time!)
- Does baby have hair?No
- Time baby is born: 12:36 pm
- Date baby is born: 02/18/07
- Baby's Length: 20.5 inches
- Baby's Weight: 8 pounds 4 ounces

Can't wait to see the newest edition to your family!