Oh So Ready!

I am about 5 weeks away from my due date and last week I got that extra push to start nesting right away. I started spotting for about 3 days in a row and was finally sent to the Labor & Delivery triage. The last time I was sent to the triage, I had my second born weeks early - unexpectedly. So, when they told me to go...I immediately packed and readied myself. Well, after a couple of hours of being monitored, I was sent home. Everything is fine, and nothing to worry about.

But that seriously kicked my butt to get things ready for the baby. In a few days I managed to wash all the baby clothes, finally finish the baby room, and even clean the entire house. As soon as I got started, I just couldn't stop. I found myself actually going through every drawer and cabinet in the house organizing and minimizing. Nesting is awesome! Kind of works with my whole New Year resolution of being more organized from now on.

Ok, I shouldn't take all the credit because my husband and kids has been ordered around to help in getting things done too. So thanks to them, it hasn't been all that bad. Another big help I've received is from my awesome older brother who is an artist, and although his specialty aren't painting walls - I managed to twist his arm to help me design something for the baby's room. Initially the room was painted with stars and moon (that my younger (other) brother did years ago) which my 2 boys had when they were infants. And since this next one is going to be a girl, many had said that I should do a girlier looking room. My older brother stepped up to the plate and created just that. Here are pictures that will speak louder than words.

Here are the before pics (with my firstborn who is now 6 yrs. old) :

Here are the afters:

Again thanks to my older brother who did the wall design.

My boys and I actually did this cabinet together. We're still changing out the knobs though.

Which started from the little drawing/painting my brother made in paper and I loved it so much so I framed it and got him to do it on the wall.

Then found this lamp from Ikea...I couldn't believe it, because it turned out perfect with the curtain I found at Target and the incredible butterfly wall design.

The only thing that really didnt go well was the crib sheet and skirt which are the first ones I bought. I washed them already so I couldn't return them anymore. I also couldn't find anything I liked out there. But it is quite subtle so it'll do for now.

Also the pictures didn't show how much vivid and joyous the colors are in person. I am not much into pinks, so he did a great job in incorporating the colors like lime green and blues that I love. As a whole, the room give us "the happy feel" just looking at it.

We're so excited for this baby to come home! The house is definitely ready...and so are we.

By the way, for serious art collectors... You can check out his website at http://www.fabiedesilva.com. Mind you that bedroom walls are not his forte', but hey, if you can twist his arm like I did...then he may just do so. But no guarantees! hehe


Valerie said…
Love the room! It is very cute and not overly pink which is awesome! I can not believe you are due in 5 weeks, where did the time go?
Anonymous said…
Ooo the nursery looks lovely!!
I am so not ready! Fortunately I still have some time!

I am glad you are ok and the baby is waiting a little longer!
Heather Bea said…
The room looks beautiful. Your brother is very talented. Why couldn't I have gotten an artistic brother?
Mary said…
that nursery looks awesome! i hope that when i get pregnant again that our new nursery looks that neat
Anonymous said…
It's perfect. I love how you used what was already there! The cabinet matches so well. I love the feel of it, just from the photos!

Only five more weeks? I hope it went by as fast for you as it did for me. Good greif, it seems like just yesterday you were telling us the good news. I better get that blanket finished up!!
Anonymous said…
Wow - your nursery looks wonderful! I especially love the cabinet.

And that first picture with the little foot - amazing.
Anonymous said…
Surfed in from B.E. and delurking to wish you good luck - love the nursery!
MJ Tam said…
Valerie - yes 5 weeks! accccck...

chelle said - thanks...get going girl! hehe

Heather Bea - I can loan him to you for a fee...hehe

Mary - aww thanks! I'm sure you'll do something even better.

jenn - thanks. I couldn't possibly afford to buy new furniture, so i had to work with what I already have. Take your time with the blanket honey...you're just so sweet!

Leslie - thanks! the lil foot pic was from a pciture that was forwarded to me via email...it's not me

Liz - welcome! glad you delurked! I will be visiting yours as well.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful nursery! Your brother did a great job on the walls! I love it!
Jody said…
Holy cow! That room is amazing!

Lucky little girl!
MJ Tam said…
local girl - thanks! Yes, he did indeed!

Jody - thanks! She better like it...or else...lol
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful room Katie gets to come home too! Enjoy your little girl :) They are a lot of fun.
MJ Tam said…
kristen thanks so much! We are definitely excited about Katie. The boys and I will surely have fun.
Sincerely Iowa said…
I love love love this! What a beautiful room!

Thanks for renting from me this week! Glad to have ya around!