If It Walks Like A Duck, It Must Be A Duck

Actually – more like a pig in my case. I am so freakin’ uncomfortable that I found myself waddling to the bathroom crying and then realizing how stupid it was for me to cry a river over it, and I ended up laughing at my pathetic self. Damn hormones! Damn pregnancy! I am out of breath, out of patience, and out of energy to go on another day. And all I want is for the baby to be OUT OF ME!

How can I not be this impatient when:

* I can’t easily get myself to roll off the bed or couch anymore. Can you picture my 3 year old trying to get a grip of my hand helping me up? Sad.
* I can’t even hold the pee cup at my weekly doctor visits anymore. Last week I managed to drop the whole cup of pee into the toilet because it got too hard for me to reach over and catch more. Urrgh.
* I’ve kept up the house spic and span so many times to get ready for the baby but it only take my 2 boys less than 15 minutes to dishevel a room, and I am exhausted trying to keep up with them so it doesn’t go back to the “disaster state” it was initially in.
* Even falling asleep is hard at nighttime and when I do fall asleep, I have to be back up at least every 45 minutes to pee.

Ok, I can go on forever about complaining…but I am stopping here. No need to depress myself even more. I have only 2 weeks 6 days left that feels like an eternity. My last baby thankfully gave me a relief 4 weeks earlier than his due date. I guess this baby now is way too comfortable inside to even bother. For now I am concentrating on sending out those orders. And for those who have not emailed me their addresses for their well deserved vibes…pls. do. And again, thank you for those that participated in posting my sale, and most especially to those that purchased some goodies.


Anonymous said…
Hang in there, the end is almost here. And just think, you'll have a beautiful baby in the end!
Anonymous said…
oh. my. crap! You're sooooooo close. It will all be over before you know it! Can't wait to see that first beautiful baby picture of dear sweet Katie.

You'll be holding her in your arms soon and it will all be worth it!
Mama of 2 said…
I recall those days and not so fondly I might add. Girlie Girlie arrived 2 weeks to the day before the day she was due. So if that's the case for you -- you only have 6 more days of discomfort to live through. I will be marking off the days in red pen for you.
MJ Tam said…
local girl - I'm trying real hard...and it's hard.

Jenn - I will definitely post a pic of Katie when I can finally take her home from the hospital.

Mama of 2 Oh thanks hon...I love all of you Mommy readers, because you an relate from all these bitchings.
Anonymous said…
WOW!~ 2 weeks 6 days!!! That is so so so exciting! I still remember your comment so many moons ago and now here we are both pregnant and you so close!!

Sending you positive, comfortable, baby vibes!!!!
MJ Tam said…
chelle I know huh! We are definitely blessed this time around...it is so exciting. Hope your back is getting better as well.
Slackermommy said…
The last month is the worst! I've had 4 babies and each pregnancy I thought the end would never come. Once it did and the baby was out I felt sad and wanted them back in. Isn't that crazy? BTW, thanks for renting to me this week!
cube said…
It's almost over now. Hang in there. You're a pro. You can do this...

Have you cheered up yet? ;-)
MJ Tam said…
I know what you mean, I felt that too with my last 2 babies. You do miss all the movements inside of you once you deliver.

Glad to have you on here...

thanks...I'm trying hard to hang on. :-)
Sugarmama said…
Hey, Sugar! Thanks for the comment on my blog--yours is nice, too! So you're that pregnant, huh? And I missed all the fun. Hope your little girl arrives soon. I'm a big fan of little baby girls myself, with 2 of my own.

Adding you to my blogroll, by the way, so I can keep up.
You can do this!! Just hang on and you are healthy? Your family, three year old too. YOU'VE GOT IT ALL!!!

Sending smiles and energy:)
Mindy Wilson