A Star In The Making? Or more like a nuisance in the making...

My 3 year old had his first school show last night. Although he is quite playful and friendly, he has the tendency to act like he is overly shy in front of a group of people he doesn’t know. Everyone’s first impression is all the same. He’s so sweet and quiet. Yeah right! You see – he knows how to work people around him, because he really isn’t shy. I know deep down he loves having an audience most especially if his older brother happens to be in the audience.

As the principal introduced my son’s class before they went on stage, she also didn’t forget to mention that this little group of preschoolers are extremely shy and so a lot of coaxing was done to get them there today. As 3 teachers set them up on stage, I was proud to see that my son was placed in the middle where everyone will see him. I had a feeling it is because he's great in following instructions so he was naturally placed in the most prominent part of the stage (excuse the overly proud bragging Mommy in me).

Wouldn’t you know it, my son started waving at all the audience and even did the “rock on” sign with both hands as he nodded with pleasure showing off to his big brother. You can see how they were eyeing each other. My 6 year old in the audience was laughing so loud; it fed my preschooler’s gleeful soul. The audience where all chuckling and he is obviously the big star of the night. I was somewhat surprised and proud ---- Until – he started flashing his stomach! He flashed, so everyone laughed histerically, BUT he did it over and over, again and again. Kind of like how Tom Cruise started jumping on Oprah’s couch non-stop and it got annoying. Enough is enough already! Well----- when that got old, he decided to pull up his shirt and do a “headless monster walk” with his hands flipping and flapping on stage. My husband and I at this point were ready to hide, but my watching 6 year old was dying of laughter that he could not breathe any longer. Much to my dismay, all this went on throughout the whole 4 songs they performed.

As my 3 year old got off stage with the rest of his class, he came running to his older brother and high-five-d each other. I on the other hand pretended that I didn’t know them, and I just happen to drop them off to school everyday. Ok of course I am kidding. You should’ve seen how all the Mommies were smiling at me this morning when I dropped off my son to school and I was sort of embarrassed thinking that my son ruined their precious kid’s first preschool home videos. The principal and teacher came up to me and said “ Wow, that was a different boy we know in class – he is a real comedian deep down”. She laughed and so did I. But of course I already knew that all along.

Check here for a little sample of what went on. Believe me, there is no need to explain which one is my little one.


Anonymous said…
did you take video? I want to see it!

my nephew he's 4 will never sing the songs, but he proceeds to dance around for everyone. it's hilarious!
MJ Tam said…
Hi Jenn - I just added it in. Thanks for the comment. :-)
Anonymous said…
I love it! Totally hilarious that you can hear his brother laughing it up! Too cute, thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
hehe that is awesome!!!! I have a shy kid, so knowing there MAY be an inner comedian in there is too cute for words!

I love that he did is big brother proud!
Okay! That was hysterical!!!!! It is was super duper cute! He knows how to get an audience reaction and play on it. Seems like you've got an improv actor in the making. Heh.