Just checking...

How many times have you had some funny or weird incident happen to you and you just know you’d have to blog about it, but you never end up doing it anyway?

How many times have you said to yourself that this week you will get all those photos organized and never did?

How many times have you said that today I will try not to shout at the kids for any reason whatsoever, but still catches yourself doing it?

Ok now…is it just me?

And before I regret this new thing I want to blog about...here is something funny I received in my email today. Subject : "Tired of strangers rubbing your pregnant belly?"


Anonymous said…
I love it, that's so hilarious! I wish I'd seen something like that when i was pregnant. Where do I get one for next time?

BTW - how are you feeling, hows that little bean and how are your boys?
Anonymous said…
Oooooo I so adore that T!!!!

I have so much on my to-do list it is not even funny!!!
LOL! That shirt is freaking hilarious!

And, I know what you mean about not getting around to sooo many things. Ahhhh, the life of a mom.... :)
Anonymous said…
I would have loved to have gotten one for my sister. She used to hate it when people she didn't know touched her belly! LOL!
I didn't have a huge problem with people touching my belly when I was pregnant. It might have happened twice, at most.

I catch myself doing it, but it's usually when I'm hugging a pregnant woman. I don't want to smoosh the baby (like I could!) so I put my hand there.
Bethany Hiitola said…
LOVE the shirt. Really... have it on my list for all my pregnant friends. :-)
JMom said…
I can relate about the "meaning to do things" bit. I'm still doing it, and it's not getting better, it's getting worse!

I wish I had that shirt when I was pregnant! It's hillarious :D The really bad thing is AFTER I'd had the baby, people were still trying to touch my stomach!! grrrr! :)
Mama Duck said…
LOL I want that shirt for when I was pregnant with the little one - AGH!!!
Anonymous said…
Ohhh I luv that T-Shirt... but then again I like to rub pregnant tums...Hmm
Ladybug Dawn said…
I so wish I would have had that when I was prego. I don't care for people touching me any time, let alone when I was pregnate!