Coping Up With The Insanity

Ok - I'm still alive! Just haven't been the most productive blogger lately. I'm blaming it on the pregnancy of course. I'm feeling overwhelmed since both my boys had started school. Here is my M-F schedule:

6:45am wake up/shower/etc..
7:00 wake up the kids/breakfast
7:45 Drives my first grader to school
8:45 Drives my preschooler to school
9:30 Clean/Shop/Cook
11:30 Picks up Preschooler from school
12:00pm Eat Lunch
12:30 Preschooler naps
1:00 Cook and ready up for dinner meal/ or naps
2:30 Wakes up Preschooler/ picks up 1st Grader from school
3:00 (Tues/Thurs) Takes them to Martial Arts Class, Piano Class, Music Class
4:30 Homework/Cook
6:30 Take the kids to park on nice days to walk
7:30 Dinner
8:30 Kiddos bathe
9:00 Kiddos zzzzzz

And I just die every night... So, this should explain where I've been lately. But I do get wonderful massages from my husband at night, and he lets me sleep ALL weekend long - a great payoff after a long week. How are you all School Mommies coping up with the insanity?


Mama of 2 said…
Sounds like you are very busy lady. My days off sound similar to yours. I spend most of my days running after Girlie Girlie whose new found fun is climbing the stairs every chance she gets and in between that I have to find time to cook, clean, do laundry, grocery shop not to mention attend school functions and baseball games.

It's no wonder when the alarm goes off at 5:30am I hit the snooze button and forego the exercise bike for another 1/2 hour of sleep.
Chuck's Mommy said…
Ummmm...when do you have time to go to the bathroom ?
Anonymous said…
Your schedule looks an awful lot like mine! Minus the pregnancy part. ;)

That's what's pushing you over the edge. I remember those days, faintly.
cheH said…
Awww Typical mommy of two sched;)

For me, maintaining a blog means, I've got to compromise my sleeping time (which is crazy I know) BUT I frequently do,lol This is not advisable for preggy ofcourse;)

take care sugarmama!
Anonymous said…
eeep! School sounds so scary. We still have such a loose and gypsy like schedule!

I am exhausted so I cannot imagine how you are coping! Oh but you are in the glorified second trimester!
Anonymous said…
plus you've got your business to run. You are a busy little bee!

my bug isn't in school yet, but even getting her to daycare some mornings is rough!

Hope you're feeling okay, other than being tired!
Anonymous said…
That sounds quite a bit like my day but my kids are older and I head off to work most mornings but still the same hectic thing.

Take a rest!!!
Neurotic Mom said…
I'm tired just from reading that lol
BlondeBlogger said…
Oh my gosh, you sound like me!

I was working all day long doing homeschooling, cooking and cleaning. I didn't finish grading papers until 11 p.m. UGH!
Anonymous said…
How do you do all of that and be pregnant at the same time? When I was pregnant, I was completely useless!