Little Man - No, not the movie!

As most of you my regular readers already know that I own my own Sex Toy Parties Company and one of the biggest perk in doing this business is I get lots and lots of freebies and informations from Toy Manufacturers that either make me ooooh and aaaah or make me laugh and cry like crazy.

For the most part a sex toy is just another sex toy for me. I've seen them all, and nothing really ever surprises me anymore. But something topped that today after receiving a supposedly good offer I can't refuse from a Toy Manufacturer. A new product came out and I can't get over laughing and laughing over it. I found the product so ridiculous that it gave me the heebie jeebies. As if some men aren't intimidated enough, someone had to come up with something that appropriately came around at the time the movie LITTLE MAN are now out in theatres. Hmmm....amkes me wonder if the Wayans brothers are behind all this. hehe.

But I'm sorry to say ladies, this product I will NOT be carrying in my inventory, so if you would really like one (which I highly doubt, then you'd have to get it from their website. So go ahead and check out their site HERE, but keep in mind that it is quite a graphic site, so basically DON'T VIEW IT AT WORK!

And come back and let me know what you thought about the new product. This I have got to see.


Valerie said…
Soo you know I had to go look and OMG I almost died laughing. Who would buy that??? Interesting idea thought
Kel said…
Oh my GAWD! I can' stop laughing!

Make it stop, my sides hurt.
Anonymous said…
HAHAHAHAHA I was surprised at the video!!! hahahaha!! I have a big man so I do not need a little man .... hahahaha!

too funny!! Husband was not laughing as hard!
Tonya said…
Wow. That gives new meaning to the phrase, "The butler did it."

Just a leetle bit bizarre for me. :)
Tonya said…
Wow. That gives new meaning to the phrase, "The butler did it."

Just a leetle bit bizarre for me. :)

Popped over here from The Pink Diary.
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, that makes me laugh like crazy!
Trish Ess said…
Remember when I first put up my blog.. at your suggestion.. and you TAGGED me?! PAYBACK! :)

come and read what it’s all about at

Oh, and PS - HYSTERICAL!! If I were a bazillionaire, I'd buy one for everyone I know. :D
cheH said…
what a shame I have a big man already hehe

but thanks for sharing it to us sugarmama, I might avail one for my friends (maghiraman sila,lol)
BlondeBlogger said…
Make him 6 foot tall and to look like a hot, Italian guy and I'd buy it!

But that "mini-me" guy is creepy!
Library Mama said…
Hah! I would be interested in knowing how sales are going. I expect they're up and down. ;-)

The model in the "motion" picture looks like she's sleeping. Doesn't say a lot about Little Man's prowess.

I love the bold "For as Long as You Like" at the bottom. Hilarious!

Oh BTW - I come to you via Crazy/Hip Blog Mamas. You have a great site here.
Anonymous said…
OK, I can't stop laughing. That was hilarious. I can't imagine looking at it and feeling sexy versus doubling over in laughter.
I don't get it. No, seriously. I don't understand how you'd use this. We are talking about the tuxedo-penis thing right. Or is there something else that I missed on that site?
BlondeBlogger said…
What got me the most was the photo of him with his little legs and feet bent up in the air!!!

You could paint him blue, put a cap on him, and pretend that he's a smurf, lol.

Although, if he cooks and does a little vacuuming, too, I might just have to consider it!