Skinnymarink kadink kadoo...Skinnymarink ka doo... I love you... lalalalalala. Still humming this tune after hearing my son's kindergarten graduate class sang this song for the parents as part of their commencement program. Yesterday was an extra sweet day. My parents came early and so did my older brother to watch my big boy receive his long-awaited Kindergarten diploma.

Proud parents were armed with video and picture digital cams. The kids were donned with caps and gowns and managed to stay still with the papparazzi of parents. We still can't believe how fast this joyous ride of parenthood has been for us. One day we found ourselves pregnant, and with what it seems like a flick of a finger we are now juggling 2 boys who will be both in school by this fall. Amazing!

Can't wait til' both boys leave for college. My husband and I have plans in getting them out quick. There will be no coming back home. And we also plan to hide and escape from them in some remote Pacific Island.


Anonymous said…
hehe too cute graduation!!

You know, your kids are so going to go to a local college...hehe
MJ Tam said…
~chelle - don't you jinx my plans!LOL...I was laughing so hard when I read your comment. Local College is not part of the plan...oh the horror! I plan to send them in someplace like Alaska or something. The farther away from Home, the better. lol
Unknown said…
Love your NEW LOOK!It really looks Fantastic. Just like our house my candles and the kids toys everywhere! LOL
My husband and I talk about running away quite a lot! One way ticket to Paradise!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, Love yours too!
Kel said…
The husband and I have a plan if they want to go to a local college. They MUST live in the dorms. LOL

This kid ride does go quick. In 2 years my oldest goes to kindegarden. Wowzers.

(ps sorry if this is a duplicate, but blogger comments tanked on me.)
BlondeBlogger said…
I LOVE this song! I used to sing it to my kids when they were little...still do sometimes but now they just look at me like I'm weird.
Anonymous said…
Enjoy them now, I have two teens. Time flys by.
Anonymous said…, our niece jillian is off to kindergaten next year and as for our niece jessica...i'm so proud to let you know that she's considered a gifted child so she's going to third grade with fourth grade classes next year. =)