Re-introducing "My Pretty Stack"

I confess -- I am one of the biggest "bookslut" I know. And because my children are starting to be more and more independent each day, quality reading is back in my life again.

For a couple of years now I've been buying and buying all the books I drool over on my little trips to the bookstore. As I detour thru the aisles of new releases and non-fictions on our way to the Children's area for story time at Borders, I grab and buy a book here and there. But the reality was that I never have time to read them for the sheer pleasure of it. So my collection grew and grew along with the dust.

Every now and then the pretty stack of books were dusted with guilt and self- searching moments. "Where did I go?" "Where did the girl that once inhaled books with a passion go?" "Is this the new me - the one that read the magazines such as Cosmopolitan, and Glamour for non-committal, quickie readings ?" Have I dissolved to the contentment in answering endless magazine surveys and questionnaires on "How sexual are you?" and "What does my lipstick smudge style say about my personality?" Say, it isn't so! (sigh)

But time has passed and finally my 6-year-old kindergartener can now read "Hop on Pop" and "10 Apples On Top" by himself. And now, my 3 year old is less disrupting during reading hours, so our 1 hour 2 book marathon has now turned into 30 minutes for 2 books. And voila! All of the sudden I have time to read to myself at night.

I ran to my pretty book stack and now have planned to read one after the other. Ok, maybe this is too much pressure but with much to my happiness, I cannot help but giggle and count over how many books I've read so far since January of 2006. It used to be 1 book a year, but now --- check out "My Pretty Stack" a mainstay linked box located in my sidebar! So far I have that much books read this year. An impressive feat for me! (patting myself in the back)

"My Pretty Stack" will be updated continually as I go along, so show some love by checking in there once in awhile. Please feel free to comment on the books and suggest some for my future reading. Better yet, tell me about the latest book you've read and would you recommend it?


I totally understand what you are saying! I was the same way until kiddos came along. And what do I read? Same thing. Cosmo and Glamour. Never any of the books that I glance at longingly as we walk passed the book store. (sigh) They both will be in school next year, so maybe I'll get back to the reading then too.

I love your design!
Nice blog...

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Anonymous said…
hehe I have a Stack of books too, however since I still have a toddler, the stack is just growing!!
Becca said…
I love reading also. Self-proffessed book slut here. My indulgence lately is US mag. Now that is trashy.
My latest reads were
My Sisters Keeper
The Secret Life of Bees
Shadow Divers
3 completely differnt books, but all highly recomended, by yours truly
BlondeBlogger said…
I have a ton of Brenda Joyce books...especially her "Deadly" series.

I'm currently reading a book I won in a contest called "Speechless." It's very witty, girlie and fun. The perfect beach/summer read!
Bri said…
I miss reading...someday when Ashtabula isn't 11 months I imagine I'll have free time to read- I can't wait to be a book slut again - its who I am!
Anonymous said…
oh books...currently, i am still in school so books are part of the program which means i have no other options. =( i love reading books for pleasure, but to be honest, whenever i am in borders or barnes i end up reading the magazines...people, us, glamour, etc. ..just to get updated on the "good stuff" and then read my required reading for class. hehehe...a good book to read though is "Shame of the Nation" by Jonathan Kozol.