The New Sugar-do!

Of all dates to launch my new look I had to pick 6-6-6. But you won't find anything heathenish in here - it's all good omen and good vibes with lots of sugar sprinkles.

So what do guys think of my new look? Does my butt look big in this color? Well I simply love it, and a big thanks to the fabulous Cat from blog-togs for making this design. She took the time to completely make me happy - I just hope I wasn't so difficult on her. And here's my new banner that she had designed as well. Cute huh!

I also noticed that so many from my blogroll ( Great Day,Crazy Thoughts, Mama? Mama, Come Here!,Another Mommy Moment, and Incoherent-ish ) has redressed their blogs lately too - and I of course might as well go with what seems to be the in fashion.

Since I've been roll-calling...I also want to send a big Congratulations to Moderately Confused's new baby girl! :-)

Oh, and do visit my newest blog renter Hot House Momma . As her self blog intro says:
"Take a peek into the uneventful life of a stay at home momma of two. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. It's time to start believing everything you read."
So won't you please check her out from my sidebar and bring her some sugar.


BlondeBlogger said…
It's gorgeous!!! I'm such a huge fan of Cat's so I'm a bit biased. But her illustrations so rock! LOVE it!
Anonymous said…
I am not sure if I have been to your blog before. I followed you from Jade-n-mom. I do love your template.
I love your new layout! It looks great! It loads quickly too.
shpprgrl said…
Very pretty new look. The colors are nice!
Anonymous said…
OOOo this is hot!! I am so loving it!!! Great design girl!

heh thanks for the linkage!! You are so sweet!
Crissy said…
This is great! Very nice.

The only thing that doesn't work well is the right sidebar in Safari on a Mac -- it gets cut off. Works fine on the same Mac in Firefox, though. :o)
Stacy said…
I love, love, love it!!!!