Smacked Silly

I’ve never been smacked so good - it hurts!

Well a couple of weekends ago I was smacked by, and for those of you who have never heard of IT2M before, here is my little intro on them: IT2M is another blog consist of six contributing writers (whom appropriately call themselves Bosley & The Bitches) that can unapologetically tear up other blogs pieces by pieces, especially on Mommy Blogs because they normally find us oh so ho-hum.

So you know how surprised I was that I actually survived their smacking. I was for sure that they were going to have me cringe with every comment, but lo and behold – My IT2M reviewer; Bitter Bitch, was actually nice and if anything has gone real soft on me.

Well here’s what she said:
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Bitter Bitch

I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl

There’s two suggestions I have for this blog template: Put the content box on a white background. Box off the sidebar to differentiate from the content area. The grey boxes work well, maybe do separate boxes like that for all the sidebar content.

There’s a couple of other things that could be done with the sidebar: make the sponsor and home business button smaller...the same size if possible. Add a drop-down menu for archives. Other than that, not bad.

Now I like this blog quite a bit. I like the little disclaimer in the ‘about me’ box. I love it that she’s a mommy who sells sex toys. Boo-yah!

The first post is very touching and sweet. It’s well written and easy to read as well. The rest of the content varies from good to mommy blog to meh. It’s not a bad read at all. I might actually read it from time to time.

A few tweaks to the template and this could be a keeper.

I give it

3 out 5 of smacks are definitely not what I was expecting. I was jumping from chandelier to chandelier when I saw this! Ok, I don't have a chandelier, but my brain was doing somersaults with excitement when I expected to get all crushed and dust off the all the embarrassments instead.

I know, I know - it's not like I was given 5 smacks, but it is definitely better than the boot or the finger that they seem to easily hand out.

Bitter Bitches' suggestions were actually great. Now I just need to spend some money to have my blog improved because what you see is as far as my html knowledge can go. And I'm also excited that Bitter Bitch will be visiting back (I'm kissing butt now), albeit the pressure of doing a better job that comes with her presence.

So if you are in need of some honest, no sugar coated smackin' yourself, just go to and request to be smacked. But sorry, I can't guarantee any good reviews because those bitches can be beyond PMS bitchy. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Anonymous said…
Congrats on your three smacks. Nobody I know, that I'm aware of, has ever done that well!
Bluepaintred said…
is it a private smack? i mean can i go to them and get the input but NOT share it on my blog?
MJ Tam said…
~izzy - thanx! omg i'mstill laughing over this.

~bluepaintred - They will post it in their site if you submit for a smack. But no, you don't have to post it in yours. I simply sent mine to get feedbacks and I was really expecting them to tear me down so I was soooooo ready for it. I wouldn't have cared if they did, who makes them the authority anyway?! good luck! hehe

~rhonda - maybe Mommy bloggers should turn the tables around and smack them silly...hehe
BlondeBlogger said…
Oh, I'm jealous!!! That IS a good review!
Stacy said…
Glad to hear you survived! I always knew you were fabulous though!
MJ Tam said…
~ablondeblogger - I would've been happy with 1 smack - but 3! I'm still gushing! hehe

~j's mommy - aww you're so sweet
Anonymous said…
I got 3 smacks over there last weekend as well -- and was as pleasantly surprised as you! Way to go!
MJ Tam said…
~great day - aww thanks hon!

~gigi - welcome back from honeymoon! shall we plan on a baby shower soon? hehe

~kvetch - wow, my 3smack sister! did you swing from chandelier to chandelier? congrats too!
Anonymous said…

You're a better person than me! Never heard of YouTalk2Much before, but I wouldn't have the nerve to put my blog up from crit! Congrats on your three smacsk out of five (not bad!).

My first visit here, but it's great fun. I'll be back!

I was smacked awhile back as well and was surprised that I wasn't ripped to shreds. I felt so proud... idunno. To be frank, I love those ladies. I think they are so funny and if people can swallow their pride in one gulp, than they can usually find some pretty good advice in their bad reviews.