Malfunction, Need Input!

Children are slowly rotting my brain away. I don’t know how really, but I feel dumb lately. I was then pretty sharp at remembering everything. Now I find myself having to track my every move just to remember what and where did I place stuff. Maybe it’s the constant repetitions of “No, please don’t do that!” or “ Didn’t I just say not to do that?” that made my brain go haywire.

I’ve thought about Gingko Biloba, but I’m afraid I’ll forget to take that daily, so that beats the purpose. Post-It-Notes everywhere will only drive me nuts and will cause my brain to melt down even faster. I need something really bad because I have been walking around saying “Malfunction – need input” just like that robot from the movie "Short Circuit". (I just happened to rent this movie for my kiddos last week…hehe)

Well yesterday I had attended my first book club meeting since the kids came along. I have been so excited since last month, because for once in a very long-- long time I am indulging myself with one of my most favorite thing to do and even get to share and talk to people about it.

My sister once said that whenever I read a book, I get so possessed with it. And she’s right. I get this burning desire to spill my 2 cents about the book with anyone willing to listen like my husband, my friends, etc. I get a bad case of verbal diarrhea that just won’t stop. And since I don’t get verbal feedbacks, then I find myself searching and researching for more points to ponder about the author, the book, and its characters.

So imagine my excitement in going to a book club. The book we just finished and discussed was The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. I read it and absorbed every single content of the book. I was giddy with excitement that I will be hearing other people talk about. And over a few glasses of wine, we did just that. (And of course along with many other topics such as kids, parenting, etc…) I’ve been waiting for something so stimulating like this to happen, and I am looking forward to our monthly meetings.

The best part was when I got home from the book club meeting, I didn’t have the slightest urge to google on or anything about the book. Amazing in my case. Our next book is Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. I can hardly wait to get started.


Mama of 2 said…
Glad to know I am not the only mommy out there having the whole malfunction thing going on. It's awful really...I like you used to be sharp as a whip ready to engage in stimulating conversations but honestly I think too many episodes of the Doodlebops has warped my brain.

I like the idea of the book club just not sure I could find the time to finish the book between meetings. UGH -- the trails of being a mom.
MJ Tam said…
~Mama of 2 - yeah I know what you mean about trying to finish the book in between meetings...I freak out a little whenever the meeting gets closer, but I'm glad the book has kept me interested so far - can u imagine if it's a terrible book...ay-ya-yay!
Valerie said…
I really wish I could join a book club but I don't even know where to start. Glad you had a fun evening!
BlondeBlogger said…
Oh my gosh, I so know what you mean! I swear each child sucks out a little bit of your brain cells and your energy when they come out of the birth canal!
Anonymous said…
hehe I live for the 50 notes I have all over the house!!

Thanks goodness my IBook has alarms on the ICal or I would be toast!
MJ Tam said…
~Val- thanks! Actually this book club was formed within a Mommy's Group that I belong to.

~FlipFlopMomma- Wow, I feel better now that I'm not the only one who gets obsessed with what I read. I'm normal! yipeee! hehe

~GreatDay - LOL! You're grandma sounds like a riot. You obviously got her sense of humor. :-)

~ablondeblogger- I know! Now I'm seriously thinking that maybe I shouldn't have anymore children. Because if I have another child I wouldn't have enough brain left to function as a sound mind. hehe

~chelle- Notes everywhere aaaack! Yes, thank god for alarms. hehe
Heather Bea said…
I want to join a mommy book club. There is bound to be one around these parts that one of my blogging buddees can tell me about.

Since becoming a mom it seems like I have the attention span for magazines and blogs but not many novels, and I used to read all the time. I need to get back into it again. Good for the brain, and I really need some brain food.
Cristina said…
I know what you mean about losing brain cells. I try to keep lots of lists to remind me of things, but then I just forget where the list is and make a new list. Then I eventually end up with several lists and I'm all confused.

So, I was gonna suggest that lists are great for trying to battle a case of rotting brain, but your book club sounds like a much better idea. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!
MJ Tam said…
~HeatherJ- LOL I once posted about reading magazines -

Quoting myself:

"Where did I go?" "Where did the girl that once inhaled books with a passion go?" "Is this the new me - the one that read the magazines such as Cosmopolitan, and Glamour for non-committal, quickie readings ?" Have I dissolved to the contentment in answering endless magazine surveys and questionnaires on "How sexual are you?" and "What does my lipstick smudge style say about my personality?" Say, it isn't so! (sigh)
MJ Tam said…
~Mommy off the record - Like you, I always make a list. Then I turn around and then I don't even remember where I placed it. hehe
cube said…
It's nice to have discussions with people who can speaks in complete sentences once in a while.
I have to have a list - if I don't have one it drives me crazy. Although half the time the kids are loosing my list, or throwing it out, or ripping it up...

I just hope hope I can keep it all together until they are grown!