Inspired By You

Wow, thank you to all those that participated in my latest contest. All of your submitted stories were so beautiful and I truly had the hardest time in choosing the winner. I also happen to be PMSing the week of this contest so I am over-emotional about everything. Every single time I read a new submitted entry, I was for the most part reduced into tears.

So now I’m asking the rest of you guys to help me decide who will be the lucky winner to receive a $50 Gift Certificate from

The contest? - I had asked that you tell me about the nicest, most romantic gestures that you have ever received or given. The gesture can be "received from" or "given to anyone"…spouse, friends, kids…etc." I'm looking for the most touching and inspiring story.

Out of my 4 top picks below, which of these stories touched and inspired you the most? And why?

Oh, and check back tomorrow - I will be announcing the winner in the afternoon.

Bluepaintred said...
wow this is a toughy! hubby and i have been married for seven years this coming augist, our first baby was born two months after the wedding.. it was tough having an ew baby , every time baby cried i took him from his dad just assuming that because he was male, he could not comfort the baby! how wrong was i!i got exauhsted! one morening i woke up to flowers on teh table with a note saying to use this to have a good day on the "boys" . he had left spa gift certificates and taken the baby out for the day .. i have never asked ( said baby is now almost seven ) i never asked what they did on their " boys day out" as it was between them, but baby and daddy sure bonded that day and it has lasted thru the years.
i returned home to supper ( home cooked) on the table and to find a cleaning service had scrubbed the house top to bottom, piled up baby bibs tiny socks and everything , it was spotless. it was extra surprising as hubby is NOT the romantic type ( i have never gotten so much as flowers before!)

Jenn said...
My husband and I started dating in August and his birthday is in October. As the date got closer he told me that he always had the worst birthdays, nothing ever went right, no one ever came, his mom forgot one year, he got dumped on time, etc. I've always had really good birthdays and I wanted to give him one. So, the morning of his birthday I took him out for a surprise breakfast. We then went to see a movie he'd been waiting for (I don't remember what it was), and then had lunch at HIS favorite restaurant. That afternoon I sent him on a special "treasure hunt" that I'd planned with the help of some close friends. We had a person with a balloon waiting at each of 10 locations with a clue to the next location. The last person he had to chase down was me, and I escorted him blindfolded to my parents house were the rest of his friends and family were hiding. When we walked through the door, everyone jumped out yelling "surprise!" He was so shocked and touched that he started to get tears in his eyes, gave me a big hug and kiss, which he had never done in front of his family before and told the whole room that "he loved me more than anything." We were engaged by Thanksgiving of the same year. Later he told me that day he had fallen deeper in love with me than ever before because I had not only listened to him, but done something about it!

WriteWingNut said...
Okay, here's my stab at this:When my husband and I were first married, we were young and dirt poor. So gifts for each other were out of the question.My husband, though, always found creative ways to tell me he loves me. I came home one day on our anniversary to find our bedroom covered in sticky notes with messages like "I love you!" and "Happy Anniversary."Then, on one of my birthdays, we were at the grocery store of all places. He went off to get something in another aisle, or so I thought, and he had the manager announce happy birthday to me over the loud speaker and tell me that my husband loves me very much! I turned a dozen shades of red! Rob actually won the "Most Romantic Husband" contest for a woman's magazine years ago when I wrote about his thoughtfullness!

Cat said...
My husband was out of town at a meeting and I had a rough weekend. He arrived to find a stressed out wife with two children that really missed him. He had a smile on his face and expressed what a good conference he attended. Just after dinner he ushered me into the bedroom and had me sit on the bed. I had no idea what was going on. He gathered some things from the other room and walked into our bedroom.He got on his knees and put a bowl of warm water at my feet. He had a very soft rag in his hands and dipped it into the bowl of warm water. He reached for my feet and began washing them.I was speechless. He then began telling me what a special woman I was. He talked of my daily journey as a woman, a wife, a mother. He expressed his love for me as he washed both of my feet. Tears filled my eyes and I felt unworthy of such affection.At this time we knew I had many things happen to me in the past that involved abuse. I was a broken woman trying desperately to be happy. He knew this and was taking the steps to bring me back to a position of confidence.I will NEVER forget this action. Such a small gesture that brought me strength for my journeys ahead with more self-love than I would have had. We have been through good times and bad together. I think of this memory he gave me and it always gives me a respect that nobody could understand, for him.(Incidentally, I will have my 10th anniversary with this 'angel' of a husband on May 11th)


sheep#100 said…
I vote for Cat and send her a happy anniversary.
Bluepaintred said…
if we cant vote for ourselves, id vote for writewing, as PDA like loudspeakers are right up my alley! id soooo love to be walking thru a store and hearing htat over the loudspeaker!

of course, if we can vote for ourselves... i vote for me!