Carpet, Curtsy and Cosmo

I don’t rent out my blog as often, but when I do - I nitpick thru my bidder’s blogs to see which one intrigues me the most.

So what does this blog I rented to have that got me to choose hers? Well for one thing - she has a welcoming big mug to greet you in her blog (which I’m sure is filled with a cosmo rather than coffee, why else would it say Joy?). Secondly –she’s also referred to as the Royal Highness of Bloglandia. So imagine how I had to clean up this place and even rolled down the red carpet upon her arrival! But besides cosmo and royalty, the real reason I was so happy to take her bid is because her daughter MJ and I happen to share the same name. So there, I had just revealed my name here for the first time. Hehe.

So won’t you please visit Self-Proclaimed Supermom (also shown in my sidebar) and let the Royal Highness know I've sent sugar her way.


Anonymous said…
Great choice!!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for renting to me and for the FABULOUS post. Wow, I feel quite honored :)
Heather Bea said…
She rented from me a while back and I have to say she is very courteous. Cleaning up before she left and all, wonderful lady I tell you.
I love her! She has an awesome blog.
BlondeBlogger said…
I love Rhonda! And I'm proud to say I knew your name was MJ before anyone else, lol.
MJ Tam said…
~chelle - thx. I think so too...

~rhonda - your welcome! have a wonderful stay!

~HeatherJ - great to know, thnx. i'm glad that i didn't bother asking for a security deposit then. hehe

~Undercover Angel - Yes she does! Thnx for visiting my site. I think this is the first I've seen you here. :-)

~ ablondeblogger -'re right, you WERE once one of the very few. :-)