The True Gem

My parents are in the process of moving in with my younger sister and husband, so we've been helping them pack and sort their stuff. You see, my parents have a problem. They are what my siblings and I call as "dust collecting hoarders". They happen to collect anything and everything dust can collect on. Even invaluable items are valuable to them. This used to bother me so much, but to my surprise I found so many treasures that I am so happy and now in possession of.

Now, I’m not talking about jewelry or a sack-full of moolahs, I am talking about items that brought back the happy childhood memories. And that is the true gem.

Things I found:

-All of my 1st boyfriend letters @ 14 (I was crackin' myself up just reading)

-Letters and poems I’ve written and dated in grade school (boring, but nice to see)

-My wallet from grade school around 1979 complete with classmate photos and numbers

-My parent’s love letters from 1963! (Definitely a blog material – I will have to save it for the rainy days)

I have yet to finish digging through my parent’s stuff and I’m excited to see what else I will come up with. Which reminds me, I should definitely only hide “clean” love letters between my husband and I, because now I realize that someday my children will discovers ours as well. You see, I’m also a “dust collecting hoarder”, and I now know how I became one.

What is your most prized possession from childhood days?

Oh by the way, please welcome and check out my new blog tenant Peanut Tales! I received other bids for the spot and I of course automatically accepted Peanut Tales. She’s a fellow Crazy/Hip Blog Mama, and I happen to be a fan of her blog. She’s a mom to 4 beautiful peanuts that are consumed with poop thoughts. Hehe. One of her latest posting is on her daughter’s concern on manure usage, and I think about a couple weeks back she had written about her 2 boy’s fascination with poop. I was laughing so hard and after you read in her blog, you will too!


Anonymous said…
While at my moms for Easter, she pulls out the original hospital bill from me being born. She was actually looking for her current retirement statement that she received in the mail only a few weeks ago, but I can see how a "dust collecting hoarder" would keep a current retirement with a 1971 hospital bill. Anyway, the total hospital bill was $662.00 for 5 day stay, C-section, and tubes tied. You can't even stump your toe and get seen today for $662.00.
Stacy said…
Aww man, I wish I had saved all that stuff. Actually I did, but when I married my hubby he somehow convinced me to chuck it all. I had so many notes and letter from high school friends. That's a great treasure though.
Anonymous said…
wow that is awesome!! I keep a lot of things however my Dad has kept nothing!! Luckily my in laws have a lot of stuff!! I need an attic!!!
BlondeBlogger said…
Awww....that's so sweet! How long have they been married?
cheH said…
Oh thats nice! I'm not a packrat type but I do keep photographs & I guess,these are my most prized possession :)
MJ Tam said…

Wow, how cool is that!

J's Mommy

I would've probably chucked it all up as well if I had kept it all this time. So it was kind of a blessing in disguise that my parents had kept all of my stuff.


My MIL keeps a daily journal in Chinese Characters and I can't wait to be ablt to have it translated one day.


They have been married for 40 years now :-)


Photographs amounts into thousands of words :-)


Aww thanks hon!
BlondeBlogger said…
Awww....that is so sweet. And so rare!
Anonymous said…
What fun! I have a whole shelf of old journals and sketchbooks from high school, and while I'm pretty embarassed of a lot of what's in there, they're certainly a treasure trove of amusement. It's always interesting to see how your memory of things differs from how you perceived or wrote about them as they were happening.