Thursday, April 13, 2006

This Old Bitch Ain't Free!

Neurotic Mom had mentioned to pay attention of your site statistic details, and I sure did. And lookee what I found.

04/12/06 15:26:05 "free old bitch" (MSN)
04/12/06 14:42:51 "show me the gspot" (MSN)
04/10/06 21:23:02 "bitch mom with her sonvideo" (MSN)

Now I can understand the gspot thing since I ran a contest giving away a gspot vibe, but a bitch? OLD bitch? and video... hmmm... Well sorry to dissapoint whoever was looking, because this bitch doesn't come cheap. hehe.

I want to hear what's in your site stats details.


Mama Grouch said...

my best so far has been a google search for:

"my husband peed on me"

chelle said...

lol I always find it hilarious the people that find their way to my site looking for porn and all they get is a mom and a toddler!!

SugarMama said...

mama grouch - that's so funny! That wife was greeted by The Creep's "whacha doin' here" look...hehe

SugarMama said...

chelle - Porn at crazy thoughts? LOL...Did I miss something in your blog? hehe

sassy said...

Ok..I just went and took a peek:

"F*ck My Sexy Mom"

Um...Scuse me? Not on my how!

Mama Grouch said...

it did make me pause. the title 'Mama Grouch and the Creep' could be some weird dominatrix and her gimp...


Bluepaintred said...

how do you check?