A Man Boy

Just when I thought that my day should be uneventful, my child gave me material to write about.

If you look at that picture closely, my 6 year old son took the liberty on showing her "gazangas" by just drawing it on top of her shirt. Now, should I be concerned about this?

My other boy, soon to be 3 year old, sees the Glamour magazine and said - "it looks like a face". Hehe…and you know what, it does!


Mom on the Run said…
oh my. well, i hope he knows the proper term is not 'gazangas' but, breasts.
don't be those moms who says a vagina is a ding dong!
MJ Tam said…
mommy on the verge - Thats my blog lingo, not for my kids to use. Actually I call vagina as hoohah in blog lingo...lol
Heather Bea said…
I don't think you should be worried for him, but maybe worried for you and your sanity. Having two girls I worry about their self esteem but if I had two boys I think I would worry about their fixation on female body parts. It starts young and it just gets worse.