Knockin' Wood

3 days down, 11 more to go.
That’s the countdown in how much longer my in-laws are in town. And just after 3 days, I already needed therapy.

Therapy is a way to make me sane for the moment. So off I went. And as usual, Mommy Couture Land and Target had done well on the emotional state I am currently in. Shopping Therapy at it’s best. Yes, I know…excuses…excuses…Just another reason to shop.

One great payoff when my in-laws are in town is that I get to actually be on my own. No strollers in tow, No diaper bags to pack, and No incoherent conversations in the car like “What would you want to eat?” and almost always I get a direct answer “Mama, the blue Power Ranger is stronger than the red one”. Okay, I guess pizza it is. Huh?

So imagine how excited I was before leaving for Mommy Couture Land and all I had to bring is my purse. But all suddenly, it felt weird and lonely. Then I did something out of the ordinary--I actually begged my 6 year old to come with me. I wanted company so bad. And because Gramps is around, he’d rather stay home with them. I was becoming needy and even asked my husband to come with me. He looked at me and said, “Just go and enjoy!” Gosh, what I would do just to hear that more often-- and now I'm confusing myself on the way I am reacting to it.

So after ALMOST taking my 2 year old with me, I just decided to hop on the car and leave. And to no surprise, everything went so smoothly. No potty breaks, no snack breaks, no tug-of-war in the store aisles, and no running amuck in the frenzy of jam packed mall. I tried on clothes, tried on shoes, even went to the bookstore and sat down for a cappucino. I basically indulged myself like I used to before I had children (aaaaahhhhh). After 4.5 hours later -- I came home feeling a little renewed.

I guess having my in-laws for 11 more days isn’t all that bad. But just in case - lemme knock on wood on that one!


Neurotic Mom said…
Take all the sanity breaks you can. I just got rid of my inlaws and i didn't get any sanity break. So enjoy it while you can. I would love to get out shopping without kids in tow.
Bridgermama said…
Wow, I just wrote 2 posts about my in-laws and they were only in town for 4 days. Obviously yours must be a lot more tolerable. Maybe next time I should partake in retail therapy.
Anonymous said…
Hi there. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving the nice. I had found your blog on BE recently too and had blogmarked it. Love your post today--I remember those days of having little ones always in tow. My kids are 16 and 11 now, and it seems like a lifetime ago : )

I'll be back soon!
Paige said…
Oh, bless your heart. I can't imagine my in-laws living with me for 11 days and nights. Oh my goodness!! Take your retail therapy. You deserve it!!
I hear you about the inlaws. I was just bitching about mine on my blog today. Seems like everyone is. Hang in there. The retail therapy is the best way to go:)
Paige said…
Evidentally, I just thought I had misplaced the laptop. My husband took it to class and never returned it to it's "home" in the living room. I searched the house until my husband called and told me where it was.He called me tonight and said "so I read your blog, it's behind the couch in a book bag." lol :) Go figure...I know that's where I always put a laptop.:)
Anonymous said…
hehe I feel so odd without my toddler!! I feel so weird!
Mom on the Run said…
About to leave for the inlaws way up in the Northwest wayyy in the woods near a Native American reservation. Husband said he doesn't want me to write about them in my blog! :(
So, yes, they do babysit as well, but where the hell am I gonna go? The frickin Indian casino? I guess I can go the casino buffet and stuff myself while reading US Magazine! I guess we always have to be grateful for the time we have to ourselves, no matter where it is!