I've been Punk'd!

I mean Tagged.
And now I have to tag 6 other bloggers. And in case you are reading this - then consider yourself tagged as well! ( Another one of those stunts PajamaMama pulled on me) And thanks to her, I now have to get this fulfilled otherwise my bloglife will go kaput. Oh, the horror! As much as I stayed away from anything close to chain letters/emails, I must admit that I will succumb to this one.

My 6 victims:
  • WriteWingNut
  • Mommy On the Verge
  • Mama, Mama Come Here
  • Incoherent-ish
  • Crazy Thoughts by Chelle
  • Reluctant Housewife

1.Go write weird facts/things/etc. about yourself in my comment box and tag six more people!

2. Then leave a comment that says ‘You are tagged’ on their page telling them to read your blog. And yes this time you can blame it on me, Sugarmama.

And here are weird facts about myself:

- I organize my children's bookshelves according to the book height. Like I don't have better things to do.

- I am overly critical about my handwriting and so I find myself rewriting on cards and letters a few times before I am content.

- I kept all my diary starting from 3rd grade and still read thru them every January. A stupid little ceremony I have for the new diary of the year.

- I watch tearjerker movies when I'm feeling melancholy and enjoy having to sob like crazy.

Now it's your turn! Now pls. blame PajamaMama and not me!


Mom on the Run said…
Okay, I will have to tag later on tonight, but here are some weird facts about me.
1. Can't share popcorn with people in the movies, need my own tub.
2. I used to go to matinees by myself on Sundays when I was in college.
3. I don't know why Blondie (in the Sunday Funnies) looks so hot and Dagwood is so ugly.
4. On Sunday, I had my kids watch Lawrence Welk on PBS and said 'to sing and dance.'
5. Like goat cheese.
6. Collect 'Misfit Toys' characterse from Rudolph and display them during Christmas.
Thanks Suga' Mama! And yes, Tom wants Katie to have a 'silent' birth due to Scientology practices. WEIRD!
Anonymous said…
1. I have an 18 pound cat. And although he is overweight he is truly big boned as well.

2. I was a nanny in England for 3 months after I graduated high school. It was a cool experience.

3. Growing up my favorite foods were spagetti and peanut butter toast. Now those are my most regular foods.

4. Until I had my daughter I hated the colour pink. Now I am at one with my inneer pink.

5. As a pre-teen I was a little skater chic (yeah before it was cool!) Now I would end up with a broken neck if I tried to stand on one!

6. My favorite author is Stephen King. Well more of his earlier work when he was stoned and drunk, however his recent stuff is ok.

ok Mine will be posted soon!
Trish Ess said…
Sugarmama, you are *so* toast. :D
Here we go..
1. My pantry is organized alphabetically. English labels out. All the time. If anyone rearranges them (and my son does - often) I go into conniptions. Or, as it's more commonly phrased in my family: I have a cow. And that cow has puppies. And those puppies have kittens. It's just not pretty.
2. I eat M&M peanuts during PMS week - but first, I have to separate the colours, then I always eat them in the same order: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown. I also separate my salads into little piles (separated cucumbers from tomatoes from lettuce, etc..) before I can eat it. Caesar salad is a challenge, but I still separate the croutons from the rest of it. :)
3. I count stairs, poles, railings, sidewalks squares, etc. while I'm walking.
4. Despite the 3 above listed quirks, I refuse to believe that I have an obsessive compulsive disorder, and I know I can stop these behaviours any time I want to. Got that?! ANY. TIME. Dammit to crumbs. And Piffle. :)
5. I own a cat that's 36 pounds. He is on a diet. He's a homosexual. I think my other cat told him that he's fat 'cause now he's also bulimic. But still isn't losing weight. No one can figure him out, including his vet. He meows with a lisp. He swishes when he walks. If it weren't so funny, it'd be frightening.

I will also be posting this list on my blog 'cause now that I've done it, I think my "fans" (LOL!!) have a right to know. :)
BlondeBlogger said…
My Weird Facts

~I snort sometimes when I laugh.

~When I ride roller coasters, I laugh so hard that I almost can't breathe and my stomach hurts from not getting any oxygen by the time the ride is over.

~I killed my pet baby duck when I was little.

~I still hold a grudge against my old boyfriends who treated me bad and dumped me. (same goes for those who teased me in school).

~If you ever drive on the same road as me, you'll know who I am right away. I'm the one who is singing away, which can sometimes look like I'm talking to myself when I'm alone in my van.

~Also if you drive by me, and I'm listening to talk radio and it's someone I don't agree with, I'll be the one rolling my eyes, getting mad and yelling at "no one" (because I'm yelling at the radio).

~I do everything in my power to avoid public restrooms.

I know there's got to be a dozen more things I'm not thinking about, but that's just off the top of my head. Now it's your turn!
city dweller said…
Great list! I should organize my childrens' books too, but they'd just mess it all up!