In Need Of Calgon Moment

Val from Adventures in Parenting asked her readers to throw any questions her way so she can answer them in her next posting. And so I did just that, and now even answering my own question.

What do you miss the most before having your child?

There are so many things I wish I could do...But having to do them means I have to worry about what to do with the kids. Don't get me wrong, I love my children (truly, madly, deeply), but I also value my sanity. And salvaging my sanity is getting away from my kids even for just a little while. Just long enough that I can come back and be the "whole" Mommy that I would like to provide them with.

Here are my top 5 of what I miss the most before having kids:
  1. I miss having to wake up at 2am with my husband and run to some 24 hours pancake shop.
  2. I miss having to clean my house and not having to pick up the same items off the floor over and over again.
  3. I miss sitting down with a good book, good wine, and good music to unwind in the evening without having to be interrupted.
  4. I miss getting calls from my girlfriends, and having to say "allright...I'll meet you there in an hour"
  5. I miss having to gussy up myself for parties without having to sweat it off anyway because I still have to get the kids ready too.

So, tell me what's in your list?


BlondeBlogger said…
Oh goodness. Being able to delve full-time into my writing career? Being able to do what I want when I want without being accountable for taking care of another human being? I could go on and on.

But I wouldn't trade being a mom for the world. I would die without my kids!!!
MJ Tam said…
I hear ya WriteWingNut. Without my kids, my life wouldn't be as significant.
Andrea said…
it is now hard to find time to do things (non sexual) with only my husband. I miss that 'us' time.
Kel said…
Here are mine:
1. Being able to sleep & stay up as late as I want on the weekends.

2. Being able to whatch whatever I want on TV & Movies without worrying about content or language.

3. Being able to go anywhere I want, when I want.

4. Having a clean house. I remember when I could clean and it would stay that way for awhile. LOL Now I'm lucky if I get a chance to vacuum.

5. Being able to spend time with my best friend and have my husband along too. Usually he has to watch the kids instead of going out to the movies with us.
Kari said…
There's so much I miss about my life before Finn. Here are my top 5:

1. Being able to run into the coffeeshop without having to get him out of the car seat, carry him along, balancing hot coffee and a baby and putting him back in the seat. Remember when you could just get in and out of the car?

2. Staying up late and having the option to sleep in.

3. Having a guilt-free (for the most part, anyway) life. Random mom guilt is hard to let go!

4. Being able to swear.

5. My old pre-pregnancy body!
Anonymous said…
You have a good list! Here's mine:
1. I miss reading a book cover to cover on my day off.
2. I miss having a day off!
3. I miss staying up insanely late.
4. I miss sleeping in insanely late.
5. I miss being spontaneous and running off for the weekend.

However I would not trade that for my daughter!!