Confessions of a Junkie

I admit - I am so guilty. I am a TLC junkie. The TLC Channel that is. How can I not be? They first started airing "The Wedding Story" around the time I just got married in 1994, then "The Baby Story" came around when I first got pregnant with my firstborn in 2000. Then "Trading Spaces" around the time my husband and I started redoing our basement and even "What Not To Wear" now that I'm getting fat and at lost with the wardrobe thingy. I just couldn't get enough of seeing all the beautiful and happy endings.

Not only am I in love with the shows in TLC, but also I wished that I were in Paige's shoes and Stacy London's position. And I would love, and I mean LOVE to have been in "Clean Sweep". But I can't bear people watching my clutter and embarrassing my children to no end, so I would never apply anyway.

This year (I think?) they had just started 2 new shows that I can't stop watching. "Little People, Big World" and "Tuckerville". Both inspiring shows for families and both have amazing Women, and more importantly both have amazing Moms! I kept seeing both in commercials and didn't even plan on watching them. But after an accidental channel surfing, I am now glued to these 2 shows.

Amy Roloff (Mom in "Little People, Big World") in her 4-foot tall stature holds down 2 jobs and raises 4 kids (a pair of 15-year-old teenage twins - one little, and the other of average height, a 12-year-old, daughter, and an 8-year-old boy). Her daily life is a challenge - even for just doing the most minute chore. Just watching her climb the shopping carts just to grab a can of something from the shelves makes me tired. And she walked out with a cartful of stuff! Now, imagine her having to take it off to place items in the conveyor for the cashier to ring, and even worse, imagine how she carried out the bags from the tall shopping carts onto the trunk of her van! Whew! This little lady is even the soccer coach for her son's little league, where she is actually as tall or if anything shorter than the kids she coaches. Gosh, I have no right of complaining on anything after watching her.

On "Tuckerville", Tanya Tucker; the country singer maven brings her reality of a single mom who's doing the best she knows how. Tanya admits she's not a typical parent, but her life has been anything but typical. And although I'm not a proponent of country songs and country singers (ok, pls. no hate mail - this is just my preference) I fell in love with her as a Mom. There was one episode when her son's pet snake escaped from its house and was later found still alive but the head was trapped on to a sticky mousetrap pad. I expected Tanya to go ballistic over the situation since she was first upset when she found out that her son bought one for a pet. But infact, she saved that animal and followed directions on the phone from the animal control by pouring oil on the snake and slowly peeling it off, with her own bare hands! Pfft, yeaaah right! If that was me, I would rather have the animal control take the darn snake and do whatever they want it. I wouldn’t even care what they do with as long as it is not inside my home. But Tanya did it. She did it for her son, and for that lucky creature. That Mom deserves a medal! Come to think of it, I can't even name any of her songs, and wasn't really familiar of who she was. I've heard of her name but that was that.

Another thing about these two shows is that my kids love watching them too. My boys enjoy watching the Roloff boys’ playfulness, as much as they love Grayson (Tanya’s son) and his silly antics. They normally hate all the shows I want to see, but whenever I have these 2 shows on, they sit down and watch and even laugh with me. And that makes me very happy!

What TV Shows are you glued into lately?

Come and Meet my new tenant Kel of Mama? MAMA COME HERE! I'm so excited to have found her blog (or did she find me?). Kel is also a Mom of boys (like me) and also a Midwest Gal. Her blog premise says -- "Mama knows best? Hardly. Between my three year old and my infant, I'm often just one decision away from a parental mishap. Some days I hold it together, some days I don't. What will today bring?" -- now, doesn't this ring a bell to all Mommies?!


Anonymous said…
I watched one episode of Little People, and I fell in love with Amy too. I can't stand her sales- talking husband though.

Love your blog!
BlondeBlogger said…
Oh my gosh, I am obsessed with televison!! Let's see, off the top of my head:

American Idol
Amazing Race
The Apprentice
Desperate Housewives
Dr. Phil
General Hospital
Hope and Faith
Regis and Kelly
Starting Over

And that's just off the top of my head!
Kel said…
You are so sweet!

I actually found you because I'm Pajama Mama's partner for Crazy Hip Blog Mamas. I was the one that approved your site for the ring. LOL

Thanks so much for accepting my bid. :)

I'll have to see if I can catch an episode of Little People, Big World. Sounds interesting and you have to give her a lot of credit for doing what she does.
cheH said…
Oh I love watching desperate housewives & CSI & some silly german tv shows & english (UK) tv drama series at night and yes,I must admit, am a tv junkie,too. LOL

BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog:) I just added you to my link so I can visit here more often;)

warm regards,
MJ Tam said…
jessa - same here, I'm not too crazy about the hubby

Writewingnut - I am obsessed with The Apprentice too. But I must say, the 1st one was always the best.

Kel - oh cool! I didn't know you and Pajama Mama are in cahoots! hehe...Glad to have you.

btw, once you start watching Little People let me know...we can huddle and talk about it...hehe

Cheh - glad you visited my site! And thanks for blogrolling me.
cmhl said…
I am obsessed with "little people, big world..." I like Amy... the husband would get on my nerves..