Tarzan, HELP!

Have you guys ever seen those hanging monkeys before? It's just about everywhere, but if you haven't, then I suggest you come over to my jungle of a house.

2 days ago -- as our Pediatrician had suspected and ordered for an xray, Matthew (my 2 yr. old) turned out to have Pneumonia. So now that explains his non-stop high fevers. We were sent home with an Augmentin prescription and if his fever and aches and pains worsen after 2 days then he will be admitted in the hospital. Poor baby!

Because he is just feeling so sick, we have been inseparable. His only comfort is being hugged and carried all day. It would've been okay if I was feeling ok, but I too has been under the weather. Taking a pee break is even hard because I literally have to pry him away from me, and that's a task that takes Mama Monkey to ask for help from Tarzan (my hubby, hehe). We are stuck together with a strong velcro that takes a monumental body wringling movement to unstuck his clingy limbs off me.

The good news is he seems to have been better after two days. Thanks for Augmentin! For the first time in a few days he's left me alone for about 30 minutes. I feel so free, and now I don't know what to do with myself! hehe


Whitney said…
Thanks for stopping by my site. Your's is adorable! Hope your little boy starts feeling better soon!
Wai Kai Wen said…
Thank you for visiting baby KWen's blog.

Hehe.. your house is really like jungle, got monkeys hanging around & Tarzan.

Really funny blog.
keep blogging.
MJ Tam said…
Thanks Whitney - He's way better already!
MJ Tam said…
wai kai wen - thanks! I'm even more inspired :-)
Crissy said…
Hahaha, I can totally see Matthew doing that. Poor baby, though! Augmentin is strong stuff -- it can make an adult's stomach do somersaults!