It's A Family Affair!

This past Saturday it was a sunny 60 degree day, and by the following day it got cold and windy at 40 degrees. brrrr...Infact today alone, it was a beautiful and sunny morning that got up to 65 degrees, and by 3 pm it was down to 40s and now at 35 degrees as I post here.

The weather has teased us enough. This annual event comes and goes every year but it has the same effect on us every single time. We get sick. Early last week, Christian ;my kindergartener, started the fashion trend of Vicks Vaporub at night to ease his coughing. By thursday, my 2 year old decided to copy his idol (big bro) and sneezed as the other one sneezed, coughed when the other one coughed. And gradually upgraded to a low grade fever for both of them. I was surprise how much easier this event had turned out - not much crying, or complaining, but they were both quite easy to deal with which is somewhat unusual when you have 2 sick children.

When I thought that things has gone smoothly, last night was just awful. Matthew,my 2 year old woke up at 3 am complaining of aches and pains and sure enough he has a fever again. But this time it is reaching a 102. I was very concerned because he has had ongoing/offgoing fever since Thursday that was somewhat low grade, and for it to shoot up like this after a couple of days made me worry. Naturally, we didn't sleep and as early as I can call the Pediatrician's office we were there for him to be checked.

As I thought, his Pediatrician was a little concerned as well. He will now be sent for an x-ray by tomorrow to see if he has pneumonia. I hope not. Poor baby! Poor Mama!

When we got home from the doctor, I took him to nap with me and sure enough I woke up feeling lousy myself. Now we all have a fever! Well not quite. William is the next one in line, then it will truly be another family affair.

I foresee many more days of sleepless nights, and it just suck when I have to be sick at the same time... :-(