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May 2006 Winner:

Contest: Post about the most inspiring and touching gestures that you have ever received or given. The gesture can be “received from” or “given to anyone”…spouse, friends, kids…etc.

The Prize: $50.00 Gift Certificate from

The Winning Entry: My husband was out of town at a meeting and I had a rough weekend. He arrived to find a stressed out wife with two children that really missed him. He had a smile on his face and expressed what a good conference he attended. Just after dinner he ushered me into the bedroom and had me sit on the bed. I had no idea what was going on. He gathered some things from the other room and walked into our bedroom.He got on his knees and put a bowl of warm water at my feet. He had a very soft rag in his hands and dipped it into the bowl of warm water. He reached for my feet and began washing them.I was speechless. He then began telling me what a special woman I was. He talked of my daily journey as a woman, a wife, a mother. He expressed his love for me as he washed both of my feet. Tears filled my eyes and I felt unworthy of such affection.At this time we knew I had many things happen to me in the past that involved abuse. I was a broken woman trying desperately to be happy. He knew this and was taking the steps to bring me back to a position of confidence.I will NEVER forget this action. Such a small gesture that brought me strength for my journeys ahead with more self-love than I would have had. We have been through good times and bad together. I think of this memory he gave me and it always gives me a respect that nobody could understand, for him.(Incidentally, I will have my 10th anniversary with this 'angel' of a husband on May 11th)

April 2006 Winner:

Write Wing Nut

Post your funniest struggle in trying to get your kiddies out of the way for some little afternoon delight or midnight snack (whichever the case may be).

The Prize:
A Gyrator - Waterproof Vibe or an O'Gee - Gspot Vibe courtesy of

The Winning Entry:
Okay, here's my story:My husband and I went out to celebrate our anniversary. We never have any privacy at home, especially since our son at that time always wanted to sleep in our room.We went out to dinner and then miniature golf and by the end of the night, we were both thinking that it sucked we would go home and most likely be interrupted when the "real" celebration took place. Sooo...we get the idea of getting a hotel room.We go to the hotel, check in, go up to the room, do the deal, and come down about an hour later to check out.I was so nervous, because it was the same lady at the desk as when we checked in.I stood off to the side, looking at brochures and stuff as my husband boldly went up to pay."Um..was there anything wrong with the room?" the lady asked."No," my husband said calmly, no other explanation given.She looks over at me, looks at him, turns red, and says, "Oh." Then procedes to check us out.I swear she thought I was a hoooker or something!! But it was well-worth it, lol!

And Some Sugar:
WriteWingNut is a 33 year old homeschooling mom of three residing in Virginia. Her entry is just downright hilarious. I can’t imagine having to check-in for an hour of uninterrupted whoopee just to get away from the kids, but your “Hotel, Motel, if you don’t tell, I won’t tell” scenario is considered foreplay in itself – so I may just have to concoct a real get-a-way from my young ones. Hehe! Just imagine the many act-out scenes you can go with that ending.