100 Things About Me

NOT in particular order of importance
  1. I am an Asian-American of Filipino Descent, married to a Chinese-American.
  2. Fredericksburg, Virginia is where I consider the home of my youth
  3. Chicago is my HOME now
  4. I run a company that operates city online magazines.
  5. I miss working in the Fashion Industry
  6. and miss looking all glammed up every working day.
  7. I enjoy Social Media a lot and met many new friends thru networking events
  8. I 've learned the ins and outs of blogging over the years.
  9. I'm addicted to anything technology. Currently loving Twitter, Foursquare, my iPhone, and my 17 inch Mac Book Pro!
  10. My 3rd child was born on Chinese New Year - an auspicious date.
  11. I've had 2 miscarriages already :-(
  12. I miss holding a newborn and we may want another one
  13. I love being a MOM to 3 awesome kids - 2 boys, 1 girl
  14. But I would love to be un-mom-ed just for a couple hours a day
  15. I love being a WIFE to my wonderful husband of 13 years
  16. And I would hate to be un-wife-d even for just a thought
  17. I hate cooking
  18. But I would love to learn snazzy new recipes
  19. Or is it the cleaning after that I hate?
  20. I am obsessed with organization at times
  21. But I am too inconsistent is the problem
  22. I'm online at least 8 hours a day 
  23. working on my sites and keeping with all the social networks
  24. I would like to think that I am artistic and have a good eye for beauty
  25. I love learning thru manuals
  26. I learned making websites by myself
  27. I love and inhale books
  28. I could go on with 3 hours a night of sleep for a week because of a good book
  29. I am obsessed with Crunchyroll.com
  30. I use Proactiv, and yes it did wonders for me
  31. I love red wine, and I get picky about it
  32. I have an on-going affair with a Tall Venti Americano (iced)
  33. I love the old jazz era
  34. I can't get enough of Louis Armstrong
  35. and Ella Fitzgerald
  36. I once dreamt I was Oprah's sidekick
  37. and the closest thing I've gotten is hosting my own online live show.
  38. I get picky with my fruits
  39. I only really like Mango
  40. and it has to be only Philippine Mangoes
  41. I am a breakfast person
  42. I am not a snacker
  43. But I am fat irregardless
  44. I eat all the wrong food
  45. I would like a cook that can keep me healthy
  46. Having a cook would be the biggest luxury of all
  47. My kids enjoy me reading to them before sleeping
  48. My kids enjoy my husband cooking for them
  49. I have this awesome chili recipe I got from allrecipes.com
  50. I love to eat
  51. I can live with just Japanese and Korean food everyday
  52. Although I would crave for Vietnamese food too
  53. I eat rice everyday
  54. and drink Jasmine Tea all day
  55. I get addicted with caffeine easily
  56. I can consume 3 cups of espresso in a single morning
  57. But my husband hates it when I drink too much coffee
  58. So I try to just stick with the tea
  59. I am in the computer too much
  60. And my handwriting is suffering from it
  61. I used to have a nice handwriting
  62. Now its just a hurried-up scribble most of the time
  63. I get annoyed with my son biting his nails
  64. I hate kids being possesed by xbox, play stations etc...
  65. I love it when my son ask me if he can do his homework
  66. My son thinks I'm the best when I cook SPAM
  67. I love blogging
  68. but I miss writing in my journal by hand
  69. And I cant do both for some reason
  70. But I will start doing soon
  71. I write my children letters and seal them
  72. So they can read it when they turn 18
  73. I write about what makes me so proud of them
  74. I used to write to my then bf now husband everyday
  75. I just reread all my letters to him from back then
  76. And I was such a horny gf!
  77. It was such embarrasing letters I wrote to him
  78. Nothing compared to my parents' love letters then
  79. My sister and I used to hide and read my parents love letters
  80. My Mom called herself the BLUE GIRL then haha!
  81. I can't stand those BRATZ dolls
  82. Same way I hated those Cabbage Patch Kids
  83. But I loved Strawberry Shortcake as a little girl
  84. I wore Darth Vader costume when I was in 4th grade
  85. and I got picked on because I was a girl
  86. I love The Apprentice
  87. I would love to be in The Apprentice
  88. But I can't ever embarrass my kids, so I would never apply for it
  89. I could probably be on the top 3, okay top 5
  90. But I would hate to share room/house with other people
  91. I can't live without my Girlfriends !
  92. I can't stand people walking around with the cellphone earpieces
  93. My husband and I share the love of building/making stuff together
  94. My husband and I spent all last summer redoing our basement
  95. My husband is the most patient person I know
  96. I believe in God, although I don't go to Church
  97. I can be cynical, sarcastic, and even funny at times
  98. My Parents and Siblings are very important to me!
  99. My husband and kids are my SOLID GROUND
  100. I LOVE MY LIFE!