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I'm behind once again....
still need to fill up 2014, 2015, and now 2016! I may never catch up ever again....

  • Oct 2013 - Spoke at Social Media Club Chicago - 5 yr. Anniversary
  • Oct 2013 - Spoke at Blogalicious5 Conference 
  • Sept 2013 - Signed contract with Campbells Soup #WisestKid Ambassador Program 
  • Aug 2013 - Signed in as an official #UberRaver for the RAVED app.
Before April of 2013, lots has happened. I did a lot more of TV stuff, celebrity interviews, and rubbed elbow with the Obamas! For Real. Here's to Fast Forward you to what had happened this past year for me.


***upcoming  April 2012 - Speaking at the Women's Dream Conference.  

***upcoming March 2012 - Speaking at the CRAVE Chat event.  Women: Collaborators or Competitors

March 2012 - Speaker at the IL Governor's Conference on Tourism. Spoke in the panel on Media Outreach.

February 2012 - Hosted (SocialRevUp) the #MenuTour Event at Midtown Kitchen & Bar. A First Taste Event from 5 restaurants to kick-off Chicago Restaurant week.

January 2012 - Speaker at the Moms In Business #Twittorial Event. You can read my presentation here.

Lots to add here from 2012......



December 2011 - Hosted (SocialRevUp) the #CadillacRock Event at Reza's Restaurant. This event twitter trended in Chicago!

December 2011 - Hosted the Annual Chicagonista Holiday Party sponsored by TimeToPlay Magazine.

November 2011 - Hosted the Chicago Game and Toy Fair - Media & Blogger Breakfast. This event twitter trended!

November 2011 - Hosted the Social RevUp Launch Party at Bella Luna sponsored by Eventbrite.

October 2011 - Hosted the 3-Musketeers Like-Up  Event at W Hotel

September 2011 - Signed in with Clorox to do a 3 episode video with TV Celebrity

September 2011 - Competed in the #DTDash - Downtown Dash - Social Media Scavenger Hunt with the Chicagonista LIVE! team

August 2011 - Hosted a Discover Card & Chicagonista Family Day at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL

July 27, 2011 - Hosted a Strawberry Paint Chicago Red Culinary Event at The Chopping Block with Guy-a-ti-tian David Grotto.

July 16, 2011 - Hosted the first ever Midwest Moms Media - Brands & Bloggers Summit '11 at Double Tree Magnificent Mile. This event twitter trended in Chicago and Michigan the entire day!

July 9, 2011 - I was one of the chosen local celebrity for a Charity fundraiser cooking competition at Jewels. Competed. for the Chicago Food Depository.

June 30, 2011 - Guest hosted a cooking demo with Chef Patrick and at the Taste of Chicago.

May 2011 - Traveled to Monterey, California to tour strawberry farms, and learn on everything to know about strawberries. This is a project with the California Strawberries Commission. I will be hosting a Culinary Event in Chicago this coming July.

May 2011 - I was one of the 3 moms honored by Yahoo / How Good Grows on the month of May for my efforts to promote kids online safety at - a blog I author with Chicago Now, a Chicago Tribune Media Blog Network.  

May 2011 - I hosted an Afternoon Tea  for Chicagonista LIVE! and The Chicago Moms sponsored by The Peninsula Chicago. Check out our Chicagonista LIVE! video.

April  2011 - I was featured in the Mom Blog Magazine: MJ Tam, Founder of Chicagonista, Lands New Media Job With Chicago Toy and Game Fair

April  2011 - Joined the Chicago Toy & Game Fair team as the Director of New Media Relations. 

March  2011 - Hosted a Chicago Moms Blogger Pampering Day sponsored by Celebrating Our Town, Our Heroes - You can read more here and here.

March  2011 - Sponsored by Nintendo on a Blogger Ambassador Trip to Seattle at the Nintendo Headquarters for the launch of Nintendo 3DS.

March  2011 - Sponsored by Disney on a Social Media Moms Conference in DisneyWorld.

March  2011 - Sponsored by Spirit Airlines and Caesar's Entertainment on a Chicagonista LIVE! Girls Getaway trip to Atlantic City.

 Feb. 16, 2011 - Spoke in a panel with NPN Parents and Kidgrade at My Gym's 10 year Anniversary sponsored by KickSprout. The panel is on finding ways for Chicagoland families on finding ways to navigate the city.

Feb. 15, 2011 - Spoke at the Business Networking Chicago BNC - Tech Lunch on Blogging.

Feb. 8, 2011 - Chicagonista LIVE! is featured in the Mom Blog Magazine: Chicagonista Live Releases 2011 Preview Video and Announces New Talk Show Dates 



Dec. 15, 2010 - I was featured in the Mom Blog Magazine: MJ Tam, Noted Chicago Media Maven, Announces New Midwest Mom Blogger Summit.

Dec. 14, 2010 - Announced and launched the Midwest Moms Media's first event "Brands & Bloggers Summit" happening in Chicago on July 2011. Twitter hashtag: #bbsummit11

Dec. 7, 2010 - Taught 5th-8th graders at a local private school on Social Networking Safety. More to come in this series.

Nov. 20, 1010 - I will be one of the Mom Blogger speakers at the annual Chicago Game and Toy Fair in Chicago. The audience will be other mom bloggers and company brands.

Nov. 16, 2010 - Joined Technorati as a writer on their new Women's Channel.

Oct. 23, 2010 - Officially announced that I joined Chicago Tribune's Blogging Network, Chicago Now. is the new blog that will run under Chicago Now.

Oct. 2010 - Held the first run of "Embracing The True State of our Children Using Social Networks" - An online safety session for parents in our local school. More are currently being planned.

Oct. 2010 - Hosting a Chicagonista EFFEN Vodka Design of Art event at Victor Hotel along with Social Sami. Click here to read more.

Oct. 11, 2010 -  In the front page (pictured & quoted) of Chicago Tribune's Business Section.  "FTC Cracks Down on Fake Online Endorsements" Click here for the online version.

Sept. - Oct. 2010 - Launched the very first ReVamp Project 2 month series of event for mom bloggers. It is a commitment to Rev-Up and Amp-Up  for a better and new you! The ReVamp Project is a partnership between and Chicagonista.

August 2010 - Hosted an Afternoon Tea @ The Plaza for Chicagonista & NYMetropolista writers hosted by Dyson.  The event took place in New York City.

July 2010 - I was mentioned in the Silicon Valley's Newspaper, Mercury News. "Silicon Valley Moms Blog turns out the lights" by Columnist Mike Cassidy

July 2010 - Hosted a special movie screening of Ramona & Beezus with Nancy Loo in behalf of Tide with acti-lift. 300 folks registered within the first 24 hours the article in Chicagonista was posted. 

June 2010 - Launched - Chicagonista's new blogging community of moms.

June 2010 - Organized the Chicago's leg of a wordwide flashmob called Social Mob 4 Good (#somob4good) with Sami Ari to create awareness of local social services. This project was spearheaded by Sarah Evans of Sevans Strategy. CNN even took notice and created a CNN iReport page just for the event.

April 2010 - I was one of the speakers at the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) Chicago Chapter "Making Communications More Effective With Social Media Tools". You can read about it herehere, and here.

April 2010 - Organized and hosted a Brand/Blogger Event at the Hard Rock Hotel for SVMoms Group.

February 2010 - Young Chicagonista Launch Party at Comedy Sportz Theatre. This landed us a feature article in the Huffington Post, WTTW Chicago, and FindingMyAmerica.

February 2010 - Facilitated GM sponsorship to the Chinese New Year Benefit

January 2010 - Formed a team with Duong Sheahan, Nancy Loo, Barbara Rozgonyi, and Beth Rosen and established The New Media Market - A Social Media Conference for Women in Business

January 2010 - Launched Chicagonista Live- a new Chicago-centric live talk show. I am co-hosting it with Nancy Loo, Duong Sheahan, and Beth Rosen.


    November 2009 - Launched Young Chicagonista with Nancy Loo and Launched NextGen Chicagonista

    October 2009 - Speaker @ the Public Communications, Inc. PR group on Blogging

    October 2009 - Speaker at Blogalicious on How to Run a Successful Blog / Niche Blogging - 1st Blogging Conference for Women of Color

    September 2009 - Speaker at the Crave Chat on Social Media

    September 2009 - Organized a Blogger Outreach for the EcoChallenge 2020

    August 2009 - Guest Presenter at the Ming Wang / Nordstrom Event 

    August 2009 - Launched

    August 2009 - Chicagonista was mentioned in Fox News Chicago's

    August 2009 - Announced Partnership with Nancy Loo (Fox News Anchor) to launch Young Chicagonista.

    July 2009 - Speaker at the Chicago Social Media Club - Women & Blogging

    July 2009 -GM / Chevrolet sponsored the Chicagonista Social Media Soiree honoring the top Social Media Elites in Chicago at Sushi Samba Rio attended by 150 guests. (Product Sponsors: Nintendo, Centerd, Allstate, Ablon Chicago, Lahleyoo, & Photobooth Express)

    Lead Organizer for the Silicon Valley Moms Group's Annual Summer Event in Chicago attended by 150 bloggers & writers nationwide. (Sponsors: Yahoo, Ring Central, Smarty Card, Photo Booth Express, Lakeshore Branding)

    Established City Connect Media, Inc. that will own and operate Chicagonista, NY Metropolista, & San Franista

    Joined the Yahoo Mother Board

    Invited by Stouffer's on a Blogger Event at their Nestle Headquarters in Cleveland

    Chosen by Oscar Mayer as a Chicago VIP to ride the Wienermobile to a Tweet-Up event

    Invited by Oscar Mayer on a State of The Sandwich Event at their Kraft Headquarters in Madison, WI

    [Chicagonista] Organized a Hubba-Hubba Sip & Shop Event

    [Chicagonista] Organized a Spa Journey Fundraising Event


      Society of Professional Journalists website linked back to my blog

      Sponsored by Hakia - Blogher Conference San Francisco

      Lead Product Sponsor Organizer for the SV Moms Annual Event attended by 100 bloggers nationwide.

      Launched - Movers, Shakers & Baby Makers

      Media Booth at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair

      Became a Nintendo Wii Fit Enthusiast. Hosted a Wii Fit Party with Nintendo.

      Invited by Consumers Report to join their Annual Consumers Union Summit in New York

      Invited by Campbell's on a Blogger Event at their Headquarters in Philadephia


        Google Panelist - Mother Knows Tech - an event attended by 100 Consumer Brand Companies

        SV Moms - Contributing Writer

        Sponsored by Yahoo! / SV Moms to the Blogher Conference