Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oh, that Beth Rosen!

How we normally are. For real! Hihi
February may be a short month, but I packed it up with so many projects and I am tired and at the same time still walking around with the happy intoxication of it all.

My list of "must blog about" here in SugarMyBowl is getting longer, but before I dig myself out of deeper ground, I'd like to take a moment and talk about my business partner, Beth Rosen.

On February 17th, Beth and I held our 3rd annual Women Driving Excellence (not to mention that this was just one of the many other projects we are also currently working on). The day went by seamlessly and overjoyed with the sounding result of all the hard work that we placed on it. It wasn't an easy task, but I appreciated the months of perfecting all the little details and even with the uncontrollable goof-ups that came around to try and stop us dead in our tracks. I guess you can say that we have learned a lot together after doing it for several years now.

Beth Rosen and I didn't let anything stop us. I smile at thinking back on how well we dealt with handling unpleasant situations. The massive printing schedule errors, the edits and re-edits of the creatives, the approval of funds, and more... You can imagine that we had to be constantly on-the-go and must stay focused on what we need done, but when there are two overactive people with two hyperactive brains - combustion happens. We butt heads so much that I'm surprised we still have our necks attached. There were many days I wished I kept my composure and not blasted on Beth and wished she didn't blast on me. Even with all that, I am still convinced that we have the perfect partnership.

On different tones, but always in sync! No, we have not
launched a singing career. Just fooling around for pic sake. lol
The thing is, we're both so passionate about our work that butting heads were a constant activity for us, but only to high-five on the end with sounding results on our work. We learn from each other so much, and I believe that is what's making us grow as a business and as an entrepreneur. So with that said, I like us the way we are. Well - we can be better, but without the excitement of butting heads mean we're probably not having any business and I'd rather we butt heads - A LOT! Haha.

Even stripped off our work titles and just being moms and friends that we are - I can't imagine not having Beth around me. There's so much about her that I admire. She's funny, smart, witty, and, more importantly, a beautiful mom. We laugh so much together! Not too many people know how she's been in the social media game long before a lot of us have been tinkering online. Did you know that she ran the first podcast show on NBC and was the original FM radio personality of the Mom Talk Radio? Search it up and you will see tons of Chicago Tribune articles all about it. A trailblazer! I'm so proud of her for that.

As we were talking on the phone today, Beth said - "you know me, I'm not that easy to work with". She was talking about a situation where she was noticing the lack of details. Deep down I laughed. Because it is perfectly the kind of person I'd rather be with. Someone who can keep it real and be as anal as I am when it comes to detail. It's been an incredible few years of #ChicagonistaLIVE and Women Driving Excellence partnership with Beth. I can't wait to do more!

Check out some of some of the fun pics we took over the years...
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